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About the book "Measuring Torque Correctly"

Rainer Schicker and Dr. Georg Wegener have written a 272-page ebook which provides an overview of all the essential aspects of using torque transducers.It describes the principle options for torque measurement and deals with the design and application of the torque transducers most commonly used today, those working on the strain gage principle.

Clearly laid out and easily understood, this reference book gives a comprehensive overview of all essential aspects in the use of torque transducers. It describes the principle methods for measuring torque, with particular reference to the mechanical and electrical configuration of torque transducers based on the strain gage principle. It contains a wealth of information on how to address and solve problems arising in everyday applications, and serves as a practical help for those whose work involves the measurement of torque.

Its comprehensive information makes this book of interest and value to expert practitioners and less experienced users alike. Topics covered include selection criteria, configuration, installation, start-up, analysis of vibrational processes, calibration, and metrological principles.

The authors have deliberately avoided detailed theoretical discussion. For reference purposes and as a general overview, the appendix section comprises a brief outline of vibration engineering, and a collection of tables and equitations with short explanatory notes. It also includes an overview of the concepts underlying the specification of HBM torque transducers.

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Reference Book

Contents of the book

  • Torque measurement methods
  • The structure of torque transducers
  • Selection criteria and application environment for torque transducers
  • Using and installing torque transducers
  • Analysis of vibrational processes
  • Calibrating torque transducers

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