The calibration can be made both as a straightforward service for your devices as well as when you buy your HBM products. Depending on conditions and requirements, our calibration services are also available as an on-site service from HBM Service Engineers.

Calibrating a single device or a measurement chain?

Strictly speaking, calibration only applies to applications for which the measuring instrument is used in accordance with the calibration conditions. So, from the point of view of minimizing deviations, so-called calibration of the measurement chain is ideal: the transducer is calibrated together with the particular amplifier with which it is going to be used in the application; whereas calibration of single devices is recommended when transducers are not definitely assigned to specific amplifiers.

Calibration in a partial load range?

Calibrations for the nominal (standard) measuring range of the respective transducer or device are provided as a standard. For certain requirements, it makes sense to restrict calibration to part of the possible measuring range, which often improves its accuracy.

Working standard and DAkkS calibration

The working standard calibration, as the less expensive alternative, already proves traceability. The DAkkS calibration (DAkkS = Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH) meets special demands as to the calibration process and information provided.

A DAkkS calibration, in particular, determines the measurement uncertainty and the class. The DAkkS calibration for the measured quantities of force or torque provides a result based on the data for the various metrological properties (repeatability, interpolation deviation, etc.) which enables the measurement uncertainty to be calculated and classification to be made. Classes are defined in the relevant standards.

How long is a calibration valid?

  • Calibration is essentially only valid at the time it is performed
  • The user is always responsible for specifying calibration intervals. It is recommended as often as approximately one year for electronic devices, and a maximum of two years for transducers.
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