Scale manufacturing: Components for industrial weighing technology

A weighing instrument is more than the sum of its parts. To turn your weighing instrument into a leading-edge product, we offer you many components for scales manufacturing which, throughout the entire measuring chain, are outstanding for the additional precision and reliability they offer compared to competing products.

Thanks to decades of experience in weighing technology, in-house development and production as well as the intensive exchange of ideas with our customers, we at HBM know what matters in scales manufacturing. We know the answers to questions regarding legal-for-trade capability, approvals and mounting expertise. And, in addition: Thanks to our powerful production systems we are a reliable partner in your supply chain.

Our high-quality load cells for a wide range of applications, electronics and matching software add up to provide you with a complete package for your weighing instrument - if desired, also available from our online shop. We are all familiar with weighing technology applications in our daily life. HBM weighing technology can be found in road vehicle scales, tank and platform scales. Many postal, medical, counter and counting scales also hold the high technology made by HBM.

We manufacture a wide range of components for industrial weighing technology – ranging from the load cell to corresponding accessories and amplifiers and user-friendly weighing electronics.

By the way: HBM is a component supplier only and not a scales manufacturer. To many of our customers, our independence is another good reason for choosing HBM as their partner.

    Solutions for Scale Manufacturing:

    • Road vehicle scales
    • Platform scales
    • Counter scales
    • Postal scales
    • Counting scales
    • ...

    Measurement Applications for Manufacturing

    Filling, Sorting, Checking
    Speed, precision, hygiene, price: When choosing their component suppliers, the manufacturers of packaging machinery need to take into account many factors in parallel.
    Process & Level Weighing
    Silos, containers or stores: HBM offers the right solution whenever correct dosing and level measurement in process weighing is required.

    Measurement Applications for Design and Product Development

    Measurement Applications for Monitoring and Maintenance

    Structural Health Monitoring
    The monitoring of structures helps detect changes to avoid damages and to save money. HBM offers an intelligent and modular solution for every application!

    Related Products

    Single Point Load Cells
    Our single point load cells offer a wide range of applications and are outstanding for their high natural frequency and weighing speed.

    Case Studies

    S+P Wägetechnik GmbH
    New mobile wireless scales by S+P remain operational for 4 weeks without recharging. This is due to the know-how and experience of HBM.
    Healthtech: personal coin operated scales
    The UK scale manufacturer 'Healthtech' is utilising HBM’s PW10 load cells to give improved accuracy, better design and to reduce manufacturing costs.
    RUAG Space
    RUAG Space conducts testing of separation systems for satellites with the help of HBM's MGCplus.
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