Pressure Calibration at HBM: From 0.1 to 10,000 bar Gauge Pressure

The HBM calibration laboratory offers many advantages when it comes to calibrating your pressure sensor and pressure transducer: 

  • Pressure calibration in the range from 0.1 bar to 10000 bar gauge pressure - an extremely wide range.
  • Calibration of complete measuring chains (also of third-party products) - at no additional cost for you
  • Decades of experience (since 1977) in the calibration of pressure transducers, pressure sensors and pressure measurement chains.


  • Calibration performed by laboratory accreditated according ISO 17025 
  • Direct traceability to the German National Metrology Institute (PTB)
  • Assessment of the calibration laboratory by independent experts at regular intervals

Benefit from calibration certificates with minimal measurement uncertainty, directly traceable to the National Standard.


  • Calibration machines with minimal measurement uncertainty (in non-state calibration laboratories)
  • High accuracy thanks to the use of a piston manometer (direct mass action in the gravitational field of the earth)
  • Competence up to 10,000 bar pressure gauge

Optimize your measurement uncertainty assessment using the actual transducer characteristics - instead of data sheet specifications only.


Choice of different calibration standards: 

  • DKD-R 6-1
  • Working standard calibration

Measurement chain or sensor? DKD-R 6-1 or working standard calibration? It's your choice. We will be happy to advise you.

HBM Pressure Calibration Services

  • DKD-R 6-1
  • Working standard calibration

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Sample Calibration Certificates

You want to have a look at our calibration certificates? Sample calibration certificates for all measured quantities covered by the HBM calibration laboratory can be downloaded as PDF file.

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