Be it at HBM’s head office in Germany or on site at your premises—the system calibration offered for MGCplus, PMX and Spider8 amplifiers ensures reliable measurements.

The calibration certificate provides clear ok/not ok statements that enable you to recognize the quality of your measurements at a glance.

  • Quality assurance in production
  • Efficient processes
  • Reliable ok/not ok statements for your measurement results
  • Successful single or complex measurements

In addition, a valid calibration of your amplifier is a prerequisite for certification in compliance with ISO9001 requirements.

What you can expect from your system calibration:MGC, MGCplus
Traceable calibration
Table specifying the modules connected during calibration 
All values listed individually
Graphical representation of variations
Firmware updated included in price for calibration 
Calibration certificate after adjustment included 

The Working Standard Calibration Certificate: More than just paper

The Working Standard Calibration Certificate is "more than just paper". Through an ok/not ok statement and the graphical display – also available electronically as a PDF file – you can immediately assess the quality of your amplifier. The certificate covers all measurement values and provides you with reliable documentation – and ensures a successful audit.

Increased comfort and safety – with on-site system calibration

The on-site system calibration for MGCplus, QuantumX and Spider8 at your premises saves downtime and money. Thanks to the professional on-site calibration, with the same high quality service as is provided at HBM's head office, your amplifier will be quickly available for measurement.

On-site calibration at your premises is easy:

  • The HBM Service Engineer comes to your premises equipped with the complete, mobile ”calibration tower“.
  • The compact ”calibration tower“ provides the complete test equipment required for calibrating MGCplus, QuantumX and Spider8.
  • Special HBM calibration software ensures that calibration is implemented to the same standard throughout Europe.

The on-site calibration service is available in following countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

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