Calibrating your amplifier is the best way to ensure correct and traceable test results.

By Using QuantumX, you benefit from the security provided by a working standard calibration right from the start, as every QuantumX device is delivered complete with a valid electronic working calibration certificate.

We guarantee this with a calibration seal on the device.

QuantumX is the first amplifier with its calibration certificate stored in its memory, making it permanently available so it can be loaded at any time required. The amplifier includes software that allows the certificate to be seen and printed in PDF format.

When the amplifier is recalibrated, HBM stores the new certificate in the amplifier’s memory along with all previous calibration certificates. This allows any user to quickly see a particular amplifier’s calibration history at any time.

The QuantumX multifunctional 8-channel amplifier offers a wide range of connection options: Strain gage and inductive transducers can be connected as well as analog voltage and current signals, frequencies, pulses, and temperatures or digital CAN signals.

All relevant quantities including their measured values are specified in the calibration certificate. It thus offers comprehensive documentation of the amplifier's behavior. The standard calibration of the MX840 QuantumX universal amplifier comprises the following test series for all 8 channels:

Total of 5 series each with 14 steps:Total of 8 series each with 3 steps:
For full bridges with 2.5 V carrier frequency excitation, ±2 mV/V calibration range4 more combinations of excitation voltage/calibration range for full bridges with carrier frequency excitation
For full bridges with 2.5 V DC excitation, ±100 mV/V calibration rangeOne more combination of excitation voltage/calibration range for full bridges with DC excitation
For voltage signals, ±10 V calibration range2 more measuring ranges for voltage signals
For current signals, ±20 mA calibration rangeFor PT100 resistance thermometers
For PT100 resistance thermometers

The calibration certificate specifies the test values for all relevant quantities, giving extensive documentation of the amplifier’s behavior. Analysis includes computation of the linearity error and, in addition, an OK/NOK evaluation indicating whether the amplifier complies with the manufacturer’s specifications.

All amplifier serial numbers and all references used for calibration are specified to comply with ISO 9001 requirements.

The Working Standard Calibration Certificate: More than just paper

The Working Standard Calibration Certificate is "more than just paper". Through an ok/not ok statement and the graphical display – also available electronically as a PDF file – you can immediately assess the quality of your amplifier. The certificate covers all measurement values and provides you with reliable documentation – and ensures a successful audit.

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