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Measurement solutions for development, production, testing and calibration

HBM's range of strain gages, transducers and data acquisition instrumentation and software provide you with the premier standard measurement platform for automotive testing.

Take engine testing, test track or crash tests, for example. In applications like these, automotive test engineers must have highly precise and repeatable test results. Thanks to their accuracy, reliability and value, HBM products offer you an almost infinite variety of measurement configurations, meeting the most exacting of requirements for automotive development and manufacturing.

Special know-how and many years of experience in the field of measurement technology and, in particular, the automotive industry make HBM the logical partner for automotive test engineers.

We are one of the few global suppliers of complete measuring chains and data acquisition systems; from sensors and transducers through signal processing to analysis and visualization software. HBM's products set accuracy standards in the fields of mechanics, simulation, analysis and factory automation.

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Powertrain Testing

  • Engine dynamometers
  • Transmission and differential testing
  • Gearbox testing
  • Electric motors testing
  • Hydraulic pump testing
  • Hydraulic motor testing
  • Load units, power absorbers.

Vehicle and Component Testing

  • Functionality test rigs
  • Fatigue and durability testing
  • Environmental testing
  • Brake testing
  • Clutch testing
  • Driveline, drivetrain testing
  • Crash and safety testing
  • Vehicle dynamometer, chassis dynamometer, roll test stand, rolling road
  • Hybrid electric propulsion systems

Mobile Data Acquisition

  • Road and track fatigue and reliability tests
  • In-vehicle testing

Production and Process Monitoring

  • Engine assembly
  • Transmission assembly
  • Gearbox assembly
  • Component assembly
  • Monitoring of stamping presses


  • High precision reference measurements
  • Transducer calibration
  • Calibration of measurement instruments
  • Test bench calibration