Strain Gauges for Transducer Manufacturers Offer Both Cost Advantage and Optimal Performance

Regardless of whether the sensors you manufacture measure weight, force, torque, pressure, or another quantity, HBM offers you the strain gauge that best meets your needs. Benefit from over 50 years of experience, standard products that are available in large quantities from stock, a committed and accessible team of experts, and our excellent customer service.
Alongside two standard and two special series of high-grade strain gauges, further useful options such as pre-tinned solder tabs or strain gauges pre-coated with adhesive are available. In addition, we offer everything you need to build top-class transducers – from the adhesive to the balancing resistor. If you have any special requirements, you can also collaborate with a dedicated project team to develop a custom solution.



  • Broad range of standard designs comprising 4 series each with 10 different creep adjustments
  • Tailor-made strain gauges, developed especially for you
  • Adapted to the material and the ambient conditions

Find the optimal product, whether it is standard or custom.

Reliable and flexible

  • Fast delivery of samples
  • Customer-oriented delivery schedules with outstanding reliability
  • Building up of safety stock is possible

Benefit from reliable flows of goods and the fast availability of development samples.

Optimally supported

  • Worldwide sales network with direct contact to our headquarters
  • Highly specialized strain gauge designers in Germany
  • Broad range of support services available (videos, written instructions, and personal help desk)

Competent consultancy services for your application are always available.

Are You Dissatisfied with Your Current Strain Gauge Supplier?

Though strain gauges may be relatively small components on the list of materials that are needed for a sensor, they are nonetheless the most important and, at the same time, the most sensitive part. Quality issues or problems building a dependable delivery chain can have serious consequences for your production and involve much higher costs than the strain gauges.

HBM would like to make it as easy as possible for you to get to know our products. If you want to learn more about how to change to another strain gauge supplier or how to purchase additional strain gauges for a new project, take a look at the infographic below. We are looking forward to providing you with personal consultancy and support. Contact us to learn how to improve your products using strain gauges from HBM and, at the same time, build a reliable delivery chain.

Strain Gauges for Transducer Manufacturers: Tools and Literature

Catalog: Strain Gauges for Transducer Manufacturers

The catalog provides information about the strain gauges that we offer transducer manufacturers, ranging from the available options to technical specifications and matching accessories.

The Route to Measurement Transducers

This free reference book discusses the basics of transducer construction: Material selection, construction, connection, and compensation.

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