Interactive explanation of ATEX marking

Up-to-date ATEX markings help you to quickly and conveniently catch up on the various applications, protection concepts, equipment groups, and temperature classes of our ATEX load cells.

New ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU

After several years of preparatory work, the European Commission has now issued the new ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU – however, there are still open questions. In this article, our Product Manager Reiner Schrod gives his assessment of the new ATEX Directive:

The new ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU was published in April this year. It results in little change for manufacturers of explosion proof equipment, since

  • The essential safety and health requirements for explosion proof equipment remain unchanged
  • The conformity assessment procedures also remain unchanged
  • All harmonized EN600xx standards continue to be valid under the new directive.

What does 'making available on the market' mean?

Nevertheless, there still have been some changes. The new ATEX Directive places obligations on further economic operators, i.e. importers and distributors.
The term 'making available on the market' is explained in detail, stating that it involves more than just 'manufacturing' or 'placing on the market'. Besides manufacturers, the new definition refers to importers and distributors and also - which is essential - to those who, as operators, manufacture their own explosion proof equipment from components, assemblies or other self-manufactured or purchased component parts for their companies.
What is really new is that the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU has expanded the group of operators (distributors, importers, manufacturers of their own products) in the corresponding field of application.

From EC to EU: Unchanged declaration of conformity

The fact that the EC declaration of conformity will be referred to as EU declaration of conformity and the EC type examination as EU type examination in future merely reflects an adaptation of European terminology in the context of the extensive NLF* project.
The guidelines for manufacturers of explosion proof products will remain applicable without major changes after April 20, 2016, since all certificates issued under the old ATEX Directive 94/9/EC continue to be valid.

* New legislative framework for marketing of products

Full protection with the ATEX measurement chain

HBM is always able to offer you the right certified ATEX load cell for working environments containing gas or dust. Furthermore, with our matched accessories you can configure a complete measurement chain for potentially explosive atmospheres according to the ATEX 95 norm.

The following HBM products are available in certified ATEX versions

HLC: The ideal load cell for any application with standard
HLC load cells are precise, particularly robust and, due to their standard dimensions, can be quickly adapted to virtually any dimension.
Ring Torsion Load Cell
RTN ring torsion load cells are available with extremely high maximum capacities, offer unrivaled precision and are particularly robust.
The Z7A Shear Beam Load Cell complies with OIML R60 regulations up to 1000 d and max. capacities from 500kg up to 10t.
C2, C2A Versatile Compression Load Cells
The robust C2 series load cells made of stainless-steel have an excellent dynamic fatigue strength and a particularly flat design.
C16A Robust Rocker-Pin Load Cell
The self-restoring C16A load cells are extremely robust, reliable, and versatile and can also be used for very high loads up to 400 tons.
PW10A Compact Single Point Load Cell for Heavy Loads
The PW10A single-point load cell is compact and allows legal for trade weighing of loads up to 300 kg in different weighing tasks.
PW12C Load Cell for Large Platforms, Dynamic Appli
The PW12C single-point load cell is optimally suited to be used in fast, dynamic weighing tasks involving particularly large platforms.
PW16A Single-Point Load Cell
The PW16A single-point load cell is available with ten different maximum capacities and in many variants for a wide range of applications.
PW22 High-Speed Single Point Load Cell for Dynamic Weighi
The PW22 single point load cell features high rigidity, which makes it ideal for fast, dynamic weighing processes - unique in the world.
PW15.../SP4M Series
The PW15 and SP4M load cells have the same dimensions and at the same time different specifications - this makes them extremely flexible in use.
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