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IP69K: Load cell endurance tests

Subjected to a high-pressure jet, from all directions, for several minutes: View the tests HBM’s PW15AH single point load cell had to endure to be certified with the highest degree of protection - IP69K. However, the degree of protection is not everything: Only optimal cable protection enables you to achieve maximum safety even in rough environments.

Load cells in industrial applications need to tolerate increasingly rough environments. In particular, when used in permanently damp environments, reliable protection against an ingress of water has to be provided. This is particularly true for applications that require special cleanliness and therefore cleaning with steam cleaners at high pressure and with hot water. In these cases, IP68 protection is insufficient. HBM now presents its model PW15AH, a single point load cell that offers IP69K, the highest degree of protection, and is also suited for use with high-pressure cleaners.

IP69K means:

  1. Maximum protection of the load cell against an ingress of dust (IP6_), as well as
  2. Maximum protection of the load cell against an ingress of water, even with high-pressure or steam cleaning (IP_9K).

To meet these high requirements, a load cell needs to pass thorough particular testing to be rated “IP69K“. The testing procedure is clearly specified in the DIN 40 050 standard. To ensure absolute objectivity and reliability, HBM has had the new PW15AH load cell that provides IP69K protection tested by an independent accredited body, the VDE Prüf- und Zertifizierungsinstitut.

The test setup: High-pressure spraying from four angles

In the test setup for IP69K certification, test specimens – for example the PW15AH load cell – are mounted onto a carrier. The four devices under test are sprayed at high pressure via a flat jet nozzle from four different positions at specified angles (0°, 30°, 60°, 90°) – each for at least 30 seconds. The distance between nozzle and test specimen is only 100 to 150 millimeters – at a water pressure of 100 bars and a temperature of 80°C. Through rotation about its own axis, every square centimeter of the surface is subjected to this enormous load.

Test report from an independent body

Testing of PW15AH was successful: The single point load cell meets the requirements of the IP69K degree of protection.

A high degree of protection of the load cell is important – however, cable protection must not be neglected!

When using load cells in rough environments, cable protection is often underestimated. However, what is the best degree of protection of a load cell worth, if mechanical or chemical influences are damaging the cable?

The PW15AH load cell therefore provides the option of fitting an effective cable protection.

A special connection thread on the load cells enables cable protection systems to be connected easily. Various companies offer these systems for many different applications. The combination of IP69K protection of the load cell and the option of fitting an effective cable protection makes PW15AH the ideal choice, even for extremely rough conditions of use in the industry.

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