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SomatXR Rugged DAQ System: Numerous Possibilities in a Single System

SomatXR offers you precise and reliable rugged measurements and many possibilities for data acquisition, and data transfer and analysis.

If you need a solution for mobile testing, bench testing, for ECU calibration or any other recording, SomatXR offers flexible and compact modularity and reliability:

  • Record any test by adding any sensor, digital bus data, and kinematics focusing on tyres or overall vehicle

  • Calibrate your ECU parameters in parallel by integrating the equipment into CANape, INCA or ATI

  • Test in environments ranging from –40°C through the dew point

  • Withstand harsh vibration and shocks

The SomatXR topologies summarized

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SomatXR Topologies

1. One Module PC-tethered (Ethernet)

2. Multiple Modules via CX27C-R to PC (Internal Sync)

3. Multiple Modules via EX23-R to PC (PTPv2 Sync)

4. Multiple Modules via WiFi Sync (NTP, Telemetry, WAN)

5. CX22B-R Data Recorder for Universal Testing

6. CX22B-R Data Recorder for Mobile Vehicle Testing

7. CX22B-R Data Recorder for Unattended Mobile Vehicle Testing

8. CX27C-R Gateway (XCP-on-Ethernet) for ECU Calibration

9. CX22B-R Data Recorder for Railway Testing


10. CX27C-R Gateway (EtherCAT, Profinet IRT) for Durability Test Bench

11. CX27C-R Gateway (EtherCAT, Profinet IRT) for Powertrain Test Bench

12. MX471C-R Gateway (CAN) for Test Bench


12. MX878B/MX879B Voltage-out Modules for Test Bench