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newLight FS73MTP Temperature Sensor

Detect and measure temperature gradients and hot spots easily with multipoint measurements.

With a stainless-steel probe, less than 1mm in diameter, FS73 is capable of measuring temperatures at several points along its length in demanding environments, such as explosive environments, magnetic or radio frequency fields and limited space vessels.

Usable especially for industrial applications; customization of the sensor is also possible – for measurements tailored to your needs.


High precision calibration and fast response to temperature changes.

Stable measurements up to 300°C


Measurements are carried out without having to power the sensors making them inert and passive elements suitable for demanding applications.

Suitable for explosive environments

Multipoint measurements

Easy thermal gradient detection with several measuring points along the probe, as close as every 5 cm or 10 cm.

Standard layout of 10 or 20 measuring points

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Probe Type

Type 1

Type 2

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Length (m)




FBG Spacing (mm)


Wavelength (nm)

1505 to 15951505 to 15951502.5 to 1597.51505 to 15951505 to 15951502.5 to 1597.5

Wavelength spacing (nm)



Standard [-30ºC to 150ºC]Extended [50ºC to 300ºC]


2m of Ø3mm aramid cable
ConnectorsFC/APC or SC/APC


If you’re interested in the customization of the sensor for high quantities, please contact us.

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