1. Get the full documentation and install auxiliary tools


QuantumX and SomatXR are flexible and open data acquisition systems. Most of the users work with catman from HBK, but the modules can be integrated into any software package.

The QuantumX & SomatXR System Package is available as free download and includes:


  • Complete documentation (operating manuals including all sensor wiring diagrams, datasheets, instruction manuals, ESI /GDSML files, Step3D files, …)
  • MX Assistant software – a for free setup and diagnosis tool for 3rd party software users
  • HBM Device Manager software – find and remotely access your Data Recorder


With catman data acquisition software you can easily setup all channels (check the correct wiring diagram for every sensor on every channel), acquire, visualize, and analyze your measuring data - immediately or post process. Whether it is in mobile field tests, lab-based component testing, bench testing or monitoring tasks: from setup to reported results - catman is up to any challenge.

QuantumX & SomatXR System Package






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The HBM Device Manager is a service tool to scan the network for available HBM devices.

12/20192.07 MB

Hint: Please unzip the package and then execute “start.exe” to install:

• MX Assistant

• HBM Device Manager

• FireWire Driver (optional)

• All manuals, datasheets, online help files, leaflets, etc.

01/20214.11.2481 MB

catman – The perfect Test & Measurement Software for QuantumX & SomatXR






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Software for data acquisition, visualization, analysis and reporting of measurement data for your PC or QuantumX/SomatXR Data Recorder.

11/20205.4.2417 MB

When you want to integrate your DAQ system into other software packages, please visit Driver & API website to check the different options. For the integration into test benches, you can download the CX27 interface files.

2. Connect and set up your hardware

QuantumX and SomatXR offer numerous possibilities in a single system:

Every module is a DAQ system...

  • Sensor connection
  • PC connection
  • Powering

Single Modules


... integrate in real-time ...

- Integration options into: 

  • test benches
  • third party software


... scale up and distribute modules ...

  • Topologies
  • Routing to PC

Multiple Modules

... stand-alone recording

  • Data recorder
  • Unattended testing

Data Recorder

QuantumX and SomatXR gives you a high degree of flexibility and adapts to your individual measurement and testing setup, please check many other different topologies and see what’s possible. If you have questions, please contact our world-class support team.

Once you are connected to your hardware, catman checks if your device firmware is up to date.

In any case, you can also update your hardware to the latest available firmware with MX Assistant.






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Modules: all C type modules like CX27C/-R and MX471C/-R.

Necessary tools: MX Assistant or catman Easy/AP

01/20214.36.12-C114 MB

Modules: all B type modules like MX840B/-R, MX471B/-R, … and CX27B (not for CX22B/-R-W, CX27C or MX471C/-R)

Necessary tools: MX Assistant or catman Easy/AP

01/20214.36.1214 MB

Now you can start setting up your first DAQ job.

Working standard / DAkkS calibration after repair requested, please contact me for details.

3. Start your first measurement

Now you are ready to start your first measurement. HBK offers additional services to support you in executing your measurement tasks. Please contact us for further information.

Learn the different functionalities of catman and check out our video tutorials, tech notes, FAQs and case studies in our catman knowledge base.

You want to fully dive into your new software? Please check our HBK Academy seminars and learn and practice together with our professional trainers from Physical Experts team. The HBK Academy offers seminars and trainings for all knowledge levels from beginner to measurement application professional.

I created the pages with the image that most lunch and learns have, but if you want something more webinars look alike, let me know.

Additional Services

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Our professional Support, Repair & Calibrations team will assist you in all issues regarding QuantumX/SomatXR and catman data acquisition software by email, telephone and/or remote.

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