"Mechanical and Durability Aspects of Electric Vehicles" – Sign Up

June 24, 2021 at 4 PM (Berlin CEST) in English Language

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Battery Testing Webinar Series - June 24

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Like their thermal-engine counterparts, electric vehicles are susceptible to structural fatigue failures. The mechanical complexity of the battery structure and its mountings also give rise to significant additional fatigue failure issues. Insights into these structural and vibration-induced failures enable engineers to reduce the risk of fatigue failure, improve the durability of electric-engines, and increase vehicle reliability.

In this webinar we consider:

  • The battery as a mechanical structure
  • Fatigue design of battery packs
  • Characterising the vibration environment of battery packs
  • Deriving accelerated vibration tests for batteries
  • Fatigue analysis of lightweight vehicle structures

Benefits include:

  • Reduced battery degradation
  • Better understanding of vibration and thermal loads
  • Better understanding of chassis and structural vehicle loads
  • More representative vibration tests
  • Lighter, more durable vehicles


Dr. Andrew Halfpenny

Director of Technology -
HBK nCode Products


[email protected]