Perception Version 8.0

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Acquisition Setup Menu

  • The new acquisition setup menu gives you a great overview over all acquisition related settings in one menu

  • New settings enabled: Store computed results only,...


  • New modes:

    • On start of acqusition

    • On start of acquisition reduced rate and high sample rate to trigger memory

    • Wait for trigger

    • Wait for trigger high sample rate to trigger memory



  • Flexible storage options like storage per group, storage for full / reduced rates and for RT-FDB results only

  • With the new acquisition setup menu you can start and stop record on various conditions like trigger input, CAN or API.

  • New Arm Trigger: Triggers can be suppressed until armed. Arm signal can be generated via RT-FDB, CAN bus, API or TTL input.

ePower Suite

The ePower Suite will ease for test configuration

  • Multiple ePower sheets are generated automatically

  • Setup and Live view in a single sheet

  • Chose from different pre-configured test-setups or create your indivial setup


Mapping custom configurations

  • Example configuration representing a four wheel, dual eMotor drive concept
  • Almost no limit for your individual configuration

Perception Keys

  • Perception Keys are a powerful feature to fully customize actions or sequences

  • Always present & predefined user keys

  • Part of the default settings

  • Perception Keys can be customized and even new ones can be created