Understanding Measurement Uncertainty for Electric Drives

This webinar was originally held and recorded on March 8, 2022. 

To optimize the efficiency and functionality of an electric drive train, its performance must be verified both during development and during general operation with measurements. These measurements will have an associated measurement uncertainty (MU) due to unavoidable manufacturing tolerances of any measuring device and environmental conditions of the test.

The MU indicates the probability with which a measurement result is located in a specified interval around the real value. The measurement result therefore generally does not match the actual value, so that each real measurement is subject to a certain measurement deviation/error.

This measurement error propagates from the measured quantities to other quantities calculated from these measurands. An error in voltage and current measurement, for example, propagates to the electric power, efficiency and ultimately the range of a vehicle. Conversely, a more precise estimate of the MU allows a higher range specification. This is only one of many examples which underlines the great relevance of the specification and determination of the measurement uncertainty.


Alexander Stock

Product Manager eDrive


[email protected]