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Engineering Services – Electrification

HBK is committed to working with customers who have various needs and budgets to deliver the solutions they need for optimization of your electric powertrains. Our team offers application training, integration and service level agreements that best suit your project’s requirements.

Our Electrification Engineering Services team is ready to help you with projects including:

  • Electrical monitoring and root cause analysis
  • Torque Ripple measurements
  • Noise & Vibration for motored systems
  • Data acquisition for durability modeling
  • Motor & inverter characterization

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White Paper: Monitoring Electric Power for Extended Periods of Time

Extended monitoring of electrical power needs to be done for power grids and inverter-driven electric machines to characterize their long-term behavior. This is often quite difficult to do and can contain data that is overwhelming and hard to understand.

This whitepaper will showcase a real-life example of a monitoring test done over a five-day period on an electric motor that had been failing for unknown reasons.

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Introduction to Electric Motor Noise & Vibration

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