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Load Cell Measurement Chain (LCMC) – smart customizable measurement chain

Create a customized, digital load cell measurement chain by combining a variety of established HBK load cells with your preferred interface to meet your specific needs.

The load cell measurement chain (LCMC) is the combination of your chosen HBK load cell and an electronic unit.

The LCMC involves selecting one of 14 available HBK load cells that suits your requirements, combined with a common electronic unit. While the electronic unit is the same across all 14 load cells, it provides seven distinct output options, including IO-Link compatibility.

With a potential for 11,000 unique configurations, this standardized solution not only offers superior performance and cost-effectiveness but also ensures a precise match for your needs.

The IO-Link interface brings several advantages, such as smart functions (pre-preprocessing of data, self-monitoring, and warnings), bidirectional sensor communication, and easy installation.

Customized plug & play measurement chain

  • Select the load cell and interface that best suits your machine or process requirements.
  • Pre-configured, fixed measurement chain that fits seamlessly with your existing infrastructure and is easy to implement.

IO-Link for 14 load cells

  • Integrates high-quality, proven load cells with IO-Link technology.
  • Enjoy the benefits of smart sensors, including data pre-processing, self-monitoring and bidirectional communication.

One measurement chain for multiple purposes

  • Use the same measurement chain for various load cells.
  • Streamline your processes and procurement.

LCMC with IO-Link Interface

IO-Link technology offers you fast measurements, reduced costs, greater efficiency and increased reliability. Below please find an overview of the digital features.

Output Signal Digital signal according to IO-Link standard, COM 3 transmission rate
Filter Up to 5 filter stages can be cascaded: FIR, IIR and comb filter as well as moving average
Weighing Technology Algorithms Integrated filler and checkweighing algorithm
Sensor Health Monitoring Self-monitoring of sensor-specific limit values and IO-Link event trigger if exceedance is detected
Scaling Two-point scaling manually or by user adjustment (calibration process)
Statistics Maximum, minimum, peak-to-peak, uptime counter, limit overrun counter
Limit switch Two limit value switches
Digital Output One permanently available digital IO. A second digital IO is available if IO-Link transmission is deactivated
Units The load cells measure in kilograms. Switching units and rescaling is possible as required. A calibration process provides precise measurement results that take into account location and installation-dependent factors.


The measuring electronic options

OptionInterface (electronics)Characteristics
RMIOIO-LinkDigital sensor electronics with IO-Link interface





Digital sensor electronics with one digital input and one digital output: 200 measured values/s





Digital sensor electronics with one digital input and one digital output: 1200 measured values/s
RM424 - 20 mAAnalog electronics with current output
RM430 - 10 VAnalog electronics with voltage output


The load cell options

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LCMC CAD Step files

Download the CAD step files for this product
Load Cell Measurement Chain CAD step files

Product Literature

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Declaration of Conformity
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