Under difficult electromagnetic environmental conditions, get clean and reliable measurement results

Electrical power is, in most cases, not produced at the same location as it is consumed. The power grid connects power plants with end users and transports the electrical energy from production to consumers.

The power grid is organized into different voltage levels from a few hundred volts (LV), to several 10 kV (MV) up to several 100 kV (HV), depending on the amount of power transportation capacity needed.

The different voltage levels are interconnected by substations which contain voltage transformers, circuit breakers, surge arrestors, isolators etc. as well as other measurement equipment and switchgear.

Switchgear testing

Switchgear testing is one of the very demanding applications, requiring specific hardware and software to produce accurate and reliable test results. The hardware challenges include isolation, amplifier drift, noise, electromagnetic immunity and battery operation. The software challenges include data integrity, repeatability and productivity. Benefit from HBM's integrated solutions for switchgear testing.

HV Impulse Testing

Most of the power grids worldwide are built by power lines on masts. They are highly exposed to lightning strikes with the risk of damage on the components in a substation.

Damage to one or several of the elements may result in partial loss of the power distribution capability, unsatisfied consumers and high cost for repair. Testing transformers, surge arrestors, isolators and switchgear is an important part of the quality proving process and documents the components withstand capabilities. Learn more about HBM's integrated software and hardware solutions for HV impulse testing.

Current Zero Testing

Current zero (CZ) refers to the interruption phenomena in high power circuit-breakers. Today it seems improbable that high voltage circuits could be interrupted economically by other means than the electric arc.

All circuit-breakers are working based on contact moving away from each other, thus creating an electrical arc between the contacts. The current zero phenomena is an indicator for the pressure, temperature, ion density, plasma flow, etc.

Current zero measurements are used to understand the phenomena of the arc and to identify the dominant parameters for a successful interruption of the current. Learn more about HBM's integrated hardware and software solutions for current zero testing:

Your benefits with HBM

  • Accuracy, reliability and data integrity for confidence
  • Productivity for low cost of ownership
  • Standard HW & SW software with application specific extensions provides cost efficient solution
  • Solution provider with more than 15 years experience in this application
  • Several generations of HW & SW demonstrate expertise and commitment
  • Lower system maintenance cost over lifetime compared to “one-off” systems

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Case Studies

Tests at ABB's High Power Laboratory in Ludvika (Sweden) involve subjecting products to extreme stresses. Advanced test equipment from HBM is used.
KEMA High Voltage Lab
KEMA Laboratories in the Netherlands use HBM test and measurement equipment for safety tests of high-voltage systems.
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