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HBM Service Applications

Working for you on site: HBM engineers at your service.

Our engineers and technicians are ready to visit your facility to support you with the commissioning of measurement technology, carry out maintenance work or provide detailed instruction...

Coordination and implementation of measurement projects

Experimental stress analysis

Experimental stress analysis helps you to optimize the materials usage of your products, to analyze your production processes or to define efficient maintenance intervals.

HBM offers you:

  • Competent advice to help you choose measuring equipment and measurement methods
  • Strain-gage application
  • Sensor mounting for all required measurands
  • Cabling and connection of all measuring equipment to the amplifier
  • Recording and storage of measured values
  • Processing and analysis of measurement data

Experimental analysis of residual stresses using the hole-drilling method

Residual stresses are mechanical stresses that act on a material without the influence of external forces. They are caused, for example, by thermal cooling or curing processes.

HBM offers you:

  • Selection of suitable measuring points: after analyzing the structure to be inspected, our service engineers work together with the employer to define critical areas and decide on the number and position of the measuring points.
  • Accomplishment of the measurement using strain gages, special drilling machines and software
  • Analysis of measurement data: after the measurement data has been analyzed, you will receive extensive documentation of the results, which you can use to optimize your development, production and quality control processes

Commissioning and Training

Our service engineers will install, set up and run your HBM components for you and optimize their connection to other system components. They subsequently provide technical training for your staff.

Your benefits:

  • Correct installation and connection of all components
  • Precise entry of transducer characteristic values in the HBM amplifier
  • Optimization of the software configuration
  • The right measured values will be available at the right time, and in the right place
  • Your staff become familiar in the use of the measurement technology.


Our maintenance work gives priority to ensuring that machines and systems are available long-term. Our work is therefore oriented to the DIN31051 norm.

HBM offers you:

  • Maintenance and inspection
  • On-site repairs
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Troubleshooting support

On-site calibration

Prolonged system downtime in production is not acceptable. Therefore, HBM offers an on-site calibration option:

  • On-site calibration of your amplifier systems
  • On-site calibration of many types of transducers, for example
    • Force transducers
    • Torque transducers

Our on-site service staff looks forward to discussing with you the requirements to allow us to find the right solution. Get in touch with us.