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Universities as drivers of innovation

Universities impart knowledge in the classroom to expand young minds, and they apply knowledge in research to gain meaningful new insights. Researchers, professors, and students from many departments—including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer sciences—utilize measurement technology to increase their knowledge and further the department’s mission.

Innovative measurement technology from HBM

When it comes to data measurement and acquisition, HBM is the technology and market leader worldwide. We offer products for the entire measurement chain, from precise and robust transducers to powerful data acquisition systems and software, all designed to perform an incredible range of test and measurement tasks. Universities throughout the world benefit from using precise, high-quality HBM products for both academic teaching and research purposes.

HBM works closely with universities in various fields. We offer many different products for the entire measurement chain, and we partner with higher learning institutions in research and education. To learn more about our test and measurement know-how, feel free to view our technical journal reports in applied measurement.

Application reports of universities

Do you use HBM products at your university? If you send us an application report, we will be pleased to publish it on our website. Please use our contact form and enter the title "Application report".

Here is an overview of various applications of our products at universities:

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