Odyssey and its sucessor GEN5i: a comparison

In the nineties, Odyssey set standards as the first Windows-compatible data logger recording to hard disk. GEN5i, the portable test laboratory from HBM Genesis HighSpeed (formerly LDS Nicolet*), follows in the footsteps of Odyssey. As a follow-up product GEN5i offers all the advantages of Odyssey and convinces with many technological innovations.

Benefit from substantially increased performance when upgrading from Odyssey to GEN5i - a veritable quantum leap. GEN5i integrates a high-end PC and a modern data acquisition (DAQ) and transient recorder system in one, portable device. Unprecedented performance combined with high ease of use - GEN5i is the ideal successor to your Odyssey.

Replace Odyssey with GEN5i - it is worth it!

Changing from Odyssey to GEN5i offers many advantages. Here are the major improvements at a glance:

  • More robust version
  • Lower weight and more compact design
  • Enhanced connectivity (Ethernet, WLAN, USB2.0, etc.)
  • Larger display
  • Integrated high-end PC
  • Modern operating system
  • 10 times higher streaming speed
  • 40 times more hard disk capacity
  • 10 times higher sampling rate
  • Double amplifier precision
  • Wider choice of filters
  • ... and many other improvements.

Detailed technical comparison of Odyssey and GEN5i

Click here for the detailed technical comparison of GEN5i and Odyssey (PDF)

GEN5i, a state-of-the-art, portable test laboratory, is trend setting for the future of data acquisition systems. The fully integrated data acquisition system comprises all components required for complex measurement tasks and which can usually only be set up with this level of performance in the laboratory. Change from Odyssey to GEN5i and convince yourself of its ease of use. Unpack, connect, and get started - data acquisition can be this easy.

* HBM Genesis HighSpeed products were previously sold under the Nicolet brand. The Nicolet brand is owned by Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. Corporation.

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