Attractive Trade-In Offers for Your High-Speed Measurement Data Acquisition

Your demanding tests are always in safe hands with Genesis HighSpeed. As a user of these high-quality data acquisition systems, you will appreciate this. 
With our trade-in offers for Genesis HighSpeed, you can now benefit from the latest developments in this field. 

  • Option 1: Exchange your old GN610 and GN611 cards and get the latest versions of GN610B (2MS/s) and GN611B with 30% discount. 
  • Option 2: Exchange your old mainframes of the types GEN2i, GEN5i, GEN7t and GEN16t for newer models - and benefit from numerous technical improvements. Benefit of a 10% discount for the new mainframe! 

Genesis HighSpeed 1kV Card Trade-In (Option 1)

The Genesis GN610 and GN611 high-speed cards have not been distributed since 2017. 
Instead we offer you the new versions of the 1kV cards for Genesis High-Speed: GN610B (2MS/s) and GN611B (200 kS/s). 

  • Supported in GEN2tB, GEN3i, GEN3t, GEN7i, GEN7tA, GEN17tA
  • Cannot be used in GEN2i, GEN5i, GEN7t, GEN16t
  • Fast data streaming (supports high-speed backplane plus)
  • Option - Real-time formula data base 
  • EtherCAT, CAN-FD and GEN DAQ API support (Real-time low latency output). 

Learn more about the new 1kV High-Voltage Card from Genesis HighSpeed

Genesis HighSpeed Mainframe Trade-In (Option 2)

Trade-in your mainframes and benefit from many advantages: 

  • Supports all Genesis HighSpeed cards, including the latest generation
  • 2 x PTPv2 ports for time synchronization
  • Standard connection for Master / Slave (needs SFP)
  • Direct network access to local SSD (Perception software not needed)
  • New interfacing options (e.g. compatible with EtherCAT bus output)
  • Support for GEN DAQ API

Possible Trade-In Options: GEN2i -> GEN3i; GEN5i -> GEN7i; GEN7t -> GEN7tA; GEN16t -> GEN17tA.

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1. Contact your local sales representative to start the trade-in by using the form below

2. Send in your old Genesis HighSpeed modules to HBM, and receive new cards at a discount of up to 30% or mainframes at a discount of 10%. 

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