MGCplus: A Data Acquisition Multi-Talent

With more than 100,000 MGCplus channels in different applications worldwide, HBM's MGCplus system has gained acceptance as a measurement standard. It features the wide spectrum of supported transducers and standard PC interfaces that users demand from a leading and truly integrated measurement device.

Today, MGCplus is the data acquisition (DAQ) system of choice for almost all industrial, laboratory and R&D measurement applications in test stands, calibration, manufacturing, weighing, experimental stress analysis and durability testing.


Modular architecture

  • Single and multiple channel amplifiers for almost all physical quantities

  • Special boards for analog outputs, digital inputs and outputs, CAN, PROFIBUS and a programmable module for calculations

  • Fully compatible with its hardware components for over 25 years

Maximum flexibility – long-term reliability: Variable and fully synchronized combinations of system components as well as entire systems. One supplier, one product line.


  • Measurement of force, displacement, pressure, temperature, torque, acceleration, strain, stress, voltage, current, frequency or resistance – at low or high speeds

  • 225 Hz or 600 Hz carrier-frequency modules with an accuracy class of up to 0.0025 for precision measurement tasks

  • DC amplifier offering 100 kHz bandwidth for dynamic measurements

  • Multiple channel amplifiers with 4 or 8 channels per slot for high channel counts

  • Simultaneous and parallel sampling using three channel-independent sampling rates

One system for virtually all measurement quantities.


  • Fully computer-controlled

  • Display and control panel for manual settings or stand-alone measurement jobs

  • Data recording on device

  • HBM’s patented three-wire circuit for perfect compensation of lead wire resistances available

Time, cost and trouble saving: No data loss. No shunting necessary.

What customers say

Steve Voth, Cessna Aircraft Company

HBM’s hardware and software combination gives us the flexibility we need to perform tests ranging from a few channels at high speed to large channel counts. And we appreciate their experience and level of expertise in strain gauge measurement.

Mike Revuke, BAE Systems

The HBM equipment is fully configurable and can be reprogrammed at very short notice, it has a very powerful software package (catman®) which allows us to analyze and export the data quickly and in various formats.

Select your components

Build your MGCPlus system according to your measurement needs and select from a wide range of components:

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