Reference torque transducer TB1A: Space-saving, flat design

The TB1A reference torque transducer is very flat with a maximum width (depending on the measuring range) of 69 millimeters and is therefore, is ideally suited for torque measurements in restricted space conditions. In addition, the drive shafts can lead axially through the torque sensor, thanks to the central bore. Due to itsthe compact design, the transducer is very well- suited for use in testing machines or as a reaction torque sensor with the direct coupling of the  drive motor or transmission.

Owing to its flat design, the TB1A has a very high stiffness in all directions and is the compact alternative to the extremely precise reference torque transducer TB2.

  • HBM accuracy class: up to 0.05
  • Degree of protection (according to EN 60 529): up to IP54
  • Nominal (rated) measuring range: 100 Nm to 10 kNm


  • High accuracy and linearity with a low hysteresis of up to 0.05%
  • Available in 7 nominal maximum torque capacities (100 Nm, 200 Nm, 500 Nm, 1 kNm, 2 kNm, 5 kNm, 10 kNm)
  • Central bore allows the axial movement of the shaft
  • Extremely flat design with very small space requirements and a maximum installation length of 69 mm

Wide range of applications thanks to the flat design and central bore

High stiffness

  • High rotational, bending and transverse stiffness
  • Dynamic measurement characteristics and high natural frequency
  • Extremely small design saves space in the test bench

High torsional, transverse, and bending stiffness for efficient use

Accessories available

  • Connector mounting
  • Factory-made cable extension
  • Cable extensions, length from 10m

Further information can be found in the data sheet.


TB1A Product Literature

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