The TB2 torque reference transducer was developed as a reference and transfer transducer for use in on-site calibration, for example, for calibrating rotating torque transducers without having to remove them from the test stand. Nominal (rated) measuring ranges of 100 Nm, 200 Nm, 500 Nm, 1 kNm, 2 kNm, 3 kNm, 5 kNm and 10 kNm are available.

The TB2 reaction transducer attains very high accuracy. In conjunction with a DKD calibration certificate it achieves best class 0.05 per DIN 51309 or EA 10-14. The standard for this class requires a range of 40% to 100% of the nominal (rated) torque for the values of the measuring range. TB2 goes even beyond the standard requirements and achieves 10 to 100% of the nominal (rated) torque.

As well as its extreme accuracy, it is also particularly noted for its extremely low sensitivity to parasitic influences, such as bending moments and transverse forces. Thanks to its enclosed measuring body geometry, it is also extremely resistant to environmental influences, such as fluctuations in temperature. The patented, compact measuring body geometry is the same as in the T10FS torque meter for rotating torque measurement.

Although originally developed for use under industrial conditions, its top-class precision also makes it suitable for use at top level as a transfer transducer for torque calibration under laboratory conditions.

As well as being used for calibration tasks, the TB2 is also eminently suitable for taking other, non-rotating torque measurements. For use under extremely difficult environmental conditions, it is advisable to use the hermetically sealed version, offering IP67 degree of protection.

Key Features

  • Nominal (rated) torques of 100 N•m, 200N•m, 500 N•m, 1 kN•m, 2 kN•m, 3 kN•m, 5 kN•m and 10 kN•m
  • Accuracy class 0.03
  • High permississible vibration bandwith
  • Class 0.05 to DIN 51309 or EA-10/14 (in conjunction with the DKD calibration certificate
  • Option: IP67 degree of protection per EN 60529

TB2 Product Literature

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