TN Torque Transfer Transducer

The TN torque transfer transducer is a non-rotating torque transducer specifically for use as a transfer standard or reference transducer in calibration laboratories. This transfer transducer complies with the most stringent accuracy requirements, and is highly resistant to humidity, because of the innovative strain gauges it employs. 

    The TN is part of the equipment used in national metrology institutes, as well as in high-ranking industrial calibration laboratories. Firstly, it is used as a transfer standard for comparison or to ensure traceability in torque calibration systems based on lever-mass systems. Secondly, in a fixed mounting, it can be used as a reference sensor in calibration laboratories. Class 0.05 in compliance with DIN 51309 is guaranteed for the TN as standard. In the TOP-Transfer version, it even complies with requirements more rigorous than the best class specified in the standard. The transducer has been equipped with two additional measuring bridges for bending moments to enable monitoring of compliance with the most demanding calibration conditions.

    • Best class 0.05 in compliance with DIN 51309
    • Nominal (rated) torque: 100 Nm to 20 kNm

    Versatile use

    • As a transfer standard for international inter-laboratory comparison (comparison of torque calibration systems)
    • As a transfer standard for the accreditation or qualification of calibration laboratories (traceability of torque calibration systems)

    Accepted worldwide by renowned national metrology institutes, accredited laboratories with a particularly low measurement uncertainty budget, as well as high-level industrial calibration laboratories

    Precise and stable

    • Best class 0.05 in compliance with DIN 51309
    • TOP-Transfer
    • A new strain gauge design provides high humidity resistance
    • Measuring bridges for bending moment

    Measurement performance exceeding the best available accuracy class 0.05 in compliance with DIN 51309, and maximum stability owing to enhanced resistance to humidity

    All-in-one solution

    • Includes a shipping case with an integrated sealing lip
    • Includes a connection cable
    • Includes calibration compliant with DIN 51309
    • Includes the TOP-Transfer classification
    • Measurement ranges from 100 Nm to 20 kNm

    The calibrated torque transducer is delivered in a high-quality, sealed shipping case

    Includes shipping case with sealing lip

    Technical Documentation

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    Data Sheets
    Mounting Instructions
    English, German
    Declaration of Conformity
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