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TTS Transfer Torque Wrench For Calibration

The TTS transfer torque wrench is used to check and calibrate torque wrench calibration equipment. It is precisely coordinated to the requirements of these calibrations, such as those prescribed in Guideline DKD-R 3-7.

Because of the particular type of torque generation produced by a torque wrench, the extreme resistance of the TTS to bending moments is a crucial criterion.

German Calibration Service (DAkkS) calibration as stipulated in DKD Guideline DKD-R 3-7 documents the stringent demands by which the TTS must be measured as a transfer standard.

A calibration certificate in accordance with guideline DKD-R 3-7 has to be ordered separately.

Also among the components supplied are a carrying case and an external square adapter in a standard size. Square adapters in other sizes are available as accessories.

Key Features

  • Nominal (rated) torques of 100 N∙m, 200 N∙m, 500 N∙m, 1 kN∙m and 3 kN∙m
  • Transfer transducers for calibrating torque wrench calibration equipment
  • Class 0.5 per DKD-R 3-7
  • Highly resistant to transverse and longitudinal forces as well as bending moments

TTS Product Literature

Title / DescriptionLanguage
Data Sheets
TTS - Data Sheet English
TTS - Datenblatt German
TTS - Prospetto dati Italian
Mounting Instructions
TTS - Mounting instructions English, German, French
Declaration of Conformity
1-KAB, K-KAB (cable) - EU Declaration of Conformity Multilanguage
TTS - EU Declaration of Conformity Multilanguage
TTS - Product-Type Pattern Approval Russia Russian
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