C6A Load Cell: Capacities Ranging from 200 kN to 5 MN

The C6A load cell is a compression bar. The versions with up to 2 MN capacity have an internal bore that enables a fold-back arm that can be used.  This has proven particularly useful in the measurement of rope tension, anchor monitoring, or similar tasks.

Owing to the principles involved, the C6A has very short displacements and is thus particularly suitable for the very fast measurement of large forces. The C6A enables impact tests on crash barriers, in railway applications, etc., to be carried out reliably.

  • HBM accuracy class: 0.5 ... 0.8
  • Nominal (rated) measuring ranges: 200 kN ... 5 MN

Cost-effective and practice-oriented

  • Exceptionally attractive price/performance ratio
  • Many practice-oriented load application elements available
  • Comes with an internal bore that enables the use of a fold-back arm

Benefit from cost-effective and easy-to-use measuring equipment that can be easily adapted to your application, thanks to useful accessories. The internal bore allows use in rope tension, anchor force measurements, and similar tasks.

Dynamic and robust

  • Simple and robust design, proven in the field for years
  • Short displacement → very high stiffness → very high fundamental frequency

Reliable results, also in “robust” applications (for instance, in construction). Ideally suited to be used in the dynamic measurement of large forces. 

Extensive mounting accessories

  • Spherical caps
  • Load buttons
  • Thrust pieces

You can find further information in the data sheet. 

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