Strain Gauge-Based Force Washer for Monitoring and Measurement in the Force Shunt

The KMR series force washers are compatible for mounting with M6 to M24 bolted or screwed connections. Since the sensors are not based on the piezoelectric effect, they are virtually drift-free, which makes them the ideal solution for issues related to monitoring tasks such as the monitoring of bolting force.

The force washers are made using stainless steel materials and are fitted with special strain gauges that cover a very wide angular range. This makes them highly insensitive to bending moments. 

They are shipped complete with polished and hardened load application elements that significantly enhance their measurement characteristics for utilization in bolted connections. Since the sensitivity of the measuring point depends upon the mounting conditions, the KMR series sensors are not pre-calibrated and must be calibrated after mounting.

  • HBM accuracy class: 1
  • Capacities: 20 kN ... 400 kN


  • Heights of construction ranges from 6 mm (20 and 40 kN) to max. 12.5 mm (400 kN capacity)
  • Compatible with M6 (20 kN) to M24 (400 kN) bolted connections
  • Robust, despite small dimensions, due to the introduction of stainless steel materials and IP65 degree of protection in its construction

The drift-free alternative to a piezoelectric sensor: Reliable and robust force measurement, even with space constraints.


  • Small displacements
  • High fundamental frequencies due to immense stiffness resulting from small displacements

Virtually the same dynamic characteristics as piezoelectric sensors, but additionally offering drift-free strain gauge technology!

Proven HBM quality

  • Every sensor design has been EMC-tested in HBM’s in-house laboratory (as with all HBM sensors and amplifiers)
  • Stainless steel materials

Test and measuring equipment you can trust: Proven for years, used implemented in many applications throughout the world

Extensive range of accessories

  • Force introduction washers (as spare part)

Further information can be found in the data sheet.

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