Measurement solutions for agricultural applications

Heavy and complex machines, changeable weather conditions, extreme temperatures, humidity, etc. - harsh ambient conditions in agricultural applications place high demands on test and measurement equipment.

Be it forage growing, cash crop, special crop or farm breeding - HBM provides the right solution for your application. Benefit from over 60 years of experience in test and measurement! In addition to high-grade standard products we develop innovative individual solutions in close cooperation with you.

Brochure: HBM weighing technology Solutions for the agricultural industry

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Optimizing Processes - Safeguard Yields!

From sensor through to measurement acquisition and software - HBM measurement technology is used in many agricultural applications. Here are a few examples:

Biogas plants: Control of automatic loaders

Gas produced in biogas plants is buffered and used in a combined heat and power station. It generates electricity that is fed into the public grid as well as heat. Thanks to their ruggedness, compact design and easy mounting load cells, junction boxes and weighing electronics from HBM can be used to control the automatic loaders.

Compost production: Compost weighing

High humidity and high temperatures – ambient conditions in compost weighing place high demands on the weighing equipment used. Load cells such as the legal-for-trade Z6 meet these requirements.

Fertilizer application: Fertilizer weighing, data acquisition and analysis

Fertilizer application needs to be resource-saving and efficient. The spreading of fertilizer is optimized using load cells, measurement data acquisition systems or software from HBM.

Whole grain analysis: Weighing of grain samples

Weight is a critical factor in determining crop quality. It indicates pest infestation or the amount of defective grains. Load cells, digital transducer electronics and software from HBM are used to weigh grain samples.

Planting: Downforce Control

Smart pins, washers, and links are placed within a grain planter row unit where they measure load on the system, and allow for hydraulic/pneumatic adjustment to ensure proper planting depth while avoiding over compaction.

Harvesting: Grain Flow Monitoring

Robust and high accuracy grain impact yield monitor used in agricultural harvesters. This highly engineered product allows for farmers to accurately map out their harvest yield.

Tractor Linkage: Draft Control

Tractor linkage shear pin measures the force between the tractor and the implement.  It allows for task specific automatic control of the draft and implement position.

Drive Train Power: Tractor Torque Sensing

Industry leading custom torque measurement, from internal combustion to electric drive motors, torque is a critical measurement in determining mechanical efficiency and power distribution to the wheels and implement

Tractor safety tests

Rely on Quality: Products and Services for the Agricultural Industry

Today's agricultural sector is more powerful than ever. However, market competition is fierce - efficiency is a must.

Investments are made in powerful equipment, enhanced feeding and fertilizing methods as well as modern farm breeding to relieve farmers. At the same time it is essential to save resources and ensure sustainability - precision and organic farming are much in demand.

Precise measurement results are the basis for reliable production planning and optimal process sequences. HBM is the global technology and market leader and offers products for the entire measuring chain:

Your benefits

High-quality measurement technology is essential to efficient agriculture. Processes are optimized, repair and maintenance costs reduced and yields increased. HBM is the right partner for

  • Test and measurement equipment from a single source
  • Individual measurement solutions
  • Reliable and significant measurement results.

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Case Studies

IDENTO Operations: Intelligent Feed Systems
Dutch manufacturer Idento makes measuring units for weighing feed quantities for pigs and cattle. Idento uses hermetically-sealed load cells from HBM.
Accuweigh: Compost plant
Used in Australia's largest wine-growing region: HBM's universal Z6 load cell
CEMAGREF: spread of fertilizer
Too much fertilizer? A globally unique test bench for investigation and analysis
University of Cologne: Driving dynamics tests
The Cologne Laboratory for Construction Machines (KLB) is involved in numerous research and industrial projects.
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