Weighed, packed, ready-to-eat: Highly accurate weighing of food

Today's food production depends on both efficient processes and, in addition, meeting consumer and business requirements as well as national and international hygiene regulations.

Freshnessand shelf-life are increasingly important. The prerequisite: Hygienic production. Be it dosing, filling or mixing - efficient food production is accompanied by reliable test and measurement technology and user-friendly design.

HBM test and measurement technology is used in many areas in the food industry - from production through packaging to distribution. See for yourself:

Food production

Stirring, mixing, separating: What matters in food production is the right blend of individual ingredients. HBM load cells are used, for example, in agitators, silos and tanks. Our load cells are also integrated in food production machines, for example, bakery equipment.

Whether in the production of bakery, meat or ready-made products, confectionery or beverages - HBM weighing technology is synonymous with quality and reliability. The aseptic load cell PW27 enables hygienic food production. Our hermetically encapsulated stainless steel load cells guarantee long-lasting weighing precision - even in humid, corrosion-hazard areas.

Bending beam load cells

Single point load cells

Packaging and filling of food

Highly accurate weighing, filling exactly to the mark: Precise weighing is required when packaging or filling food. HBM load cells are used in these applications as well, for example in:

  • Food-portioning scales
  • Multi-head combination weighers
  • Checkweighers
  • Bag-filling machines
  • High-performance powder-filling machines
  • Filling machines

HBM offers a wide range of load cells. Digital load cells of the FIT® family offer 1000 measurements per seconds and are particularly well suited for dynamic weighing processes.

Are you looking for a load cell that can be used for hygienic filling of fluids? The PW27aseptic load cell is the right choice.

Digital load cells

Single point load cells

Beam load cells

Solutions for scale manufacturers

Scale manufacturers throughout the world place their trust in load cells from HBM. For this reason, HBM weighing components are integrated in many scales used in the food industry.

Benefit from the advantages of HBM quality load cells:

  • Precise and reliable test results, also for use in legal-for-trade applications
  • Guaranteed accuracy in mass production, even with C6 accuracy class
  • Rugged materials, for example, stainless steel

Single point load cells

Benefit from HBM test and measurement solutions! Our products are manufactured and consistently optimized in compliance with stringent quality standards.

Hygiene: A human topic

Here you learn more about the history of food hygiene.

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