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P2VA1 and P2VA2 Pressure Transmitters: Measurement with an Accuracy Class of 0.3

The P2VA1 and P2VA2 pressure transmitters can measure pressure that amounts to 5,000 bar with an accuracy class of 0.3. They are equipped with HBM’s high-grade strain-gauge technology and are ideally suited for dynamic and static measurement tasks in the industry; for instance, in water-jet cutting, high-pressure forming, or isostatic presses. The P2VA1 and P2VA2 come with an integrated amplifier. Thus, these can be directly utilized for industrial process control, without the requirement of any additional measurement electronics. Owing to their corrosion-proof, robust, one-piece stainless-steel measuring body, the pressure transmitters have permanent resistance against chemically demanding environments; for instance, in test-bench applications of the petrochemical industry.

The pressure transmitters facilitate immediate use, as they have an automatic measuring point identification enabled by TEDS. Two selectable signal outputs, volt with the P2VA1 or milliampere with the P2VA2, enable easy integration with the existing measurement systems.

A special feature offered by the transmitters is “live zero”: 0 bar pressure is presented as 0.5 V or 4 mA; if a smaller value is measured in the control system, an error is detected, and the system can be shut down safely.

The P2VA1 and P2VA2 have eight nominal (rated) pressure options, which makes them the first choice for many industrial applications.

  • Accuracy class: 0.3
  • Nominal pressure: up to 5,000 bar
  • Degree of protection: IP67
  • Output signal: Volt or milliampere

Versatile use

  • Accurate measurement, attributed to the accuracy class of 0.3
  • Equipped with a high-grade, low-noise amplifier
  • Suitable for static and dynamic measurements due to the use of strain-gauge technology
  • Available with an output in volt or milliampere

Ideal for demanding measurement tasks from the proven HBM strain-gauge technology

Safe for use

  • Robust, monolithic stainless-steel measuring body
  • Corrosion-resistant, even in a chemical-exposed and humid environment
  • Integrated function test through “live zero”
  • Withstands loads of up to 1.5 times its nominal (rated) pressure
  • Resistant to permanent humidity and dirt owing to its IP67 degree of protection
  • Shock-proof for applications with vibrations (in compliance with DIN IEC68)

Reliable and resistant thanks to its stainless stainless-steel measuring body and convenient function test

Easy integration

  • Five nominal (rated) pressure ranges are available: 500 bar, 1,000 bar, 2,000 bar, 3,000 bar, 5,000 bar
  • Ready for immediate use, with TEDS automatic sensor identification
  • Standardized 5-pin M12 plug and connection thread with G1/4 external thread or M16 x 1.5 internal thread (from 3,000 bar upwards)
  • Available with 5-m or 20-m connection cable and many other accessories

Ready for use quickly owing to the integrated amplifier and TEDS technology


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