P8AP Pressure Transducer for Harsh Hydraulic Applications P8AP Pressure Transducer for Harsh Hydraulic Applications | HBM

P8AP Pressure Transducer: Available in Six Nominal (Rated) Pressure Options Ranging up to 500 Bar

The P8AP pressure transducer precisely measures liquid and gas pressures up to 500 bar with an accuracy class of 0.3. It is equipped with HBM’s high-grade strain-gauge technology and ideally suited for dynamic and static measurement tasks, for instance, in hydraulic test benches or hydraulic systems of construction and agricultural machinery. The 500-bar version has been certified in accordance with OIML R60 D0.3 and has thus been approved for use as a diaphragm load cell in legal-for-trade applications. Examples of such applications include weighing the material in an excavator bucket or determining the weight on a forklift fork.

The P8AP reliably withstands overloads of up to 1.75 times its nominal (rated) pressure owing to its robust and corrosion-resistant steel measuring body. It can be permanently used in many different industrial environments due to its IP67 degree of protection. The pressure transducer offers extreme temperature stability. The high-temperature version, which is also available, provides precisely measured data at temperatures of up to +140°C. The P8AP is available with six nominal (rated) measuring ranges with different cable lengths and various pressure connectors. It is the right solution for many industrial pressure measurements.

  • Accuracy class: 0.3
  • Nominal (rated) pressure: 500 bar
  • Degree of protection: IP67

High measurement accuracy

  • Accurate measurement attributed to an accuracy class of 0.3
  • Cable length compensation owing to 6-wire technology
  • Suitable for static and dynamic measurements owing to HBM’s high-grade strain-gauge technology
  • The 500-bar nominal (rated) pressure range version has been certified in accordance with OIML R60

Precise measurement due to proven strain-gauge technology and an accuracy class of 0.3

Sturdy design

  • Robust steel measuring body
  • Withstands loads of up to 1.75 its nominal (rated) pressure
  • Resistant to permanent humidity and dirt due to its IP67 degree of protection
  • Broad operating temperature range ranging from –40 °C to +80 °C

Long-term stability owing to the corrosion-resistant steel measuring body

Many variants

  • Six nominal (rated) pressure ranges are available, as follows: 10 bar, 20 bar, 50 bar, 100 bar, 200 bar, and 500 bar
  • A high-temperature version for temperatures of up to +140°C is optionally available
  • Many pressure connectors are available: M10x1; M20x1,5; G1/4 Form B; G1/2 Form B NPT1/4; G1/4 Form Z; M8x1,25; Tubus DA-10
  • Different connection configurations: 1.5 m (HT version), 5 m, 20 m cable, or with HS6P connector (HT version)

Versatile use facilitated by many connector options and the high-temperature version

CAD Drawings and CAD Models

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P8AP Product Literature

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Data Sheets
P8AP - Caractéristiques techniques French
P8AP - Data Sheet English
P8AP - Datenblatt German
P8AP - Hoja de características Spanish
P8AP - Prospetto dati Italian
P8AP - データシート Japanese
Druckmesstechnik von HBM - Broschüre German
Pressure measurement technology from HBM - Brochure English
Mounting Instructions
P8AP - Operating Manual French, English, German, Spanish, Italian
P8AP - Test Certificate English, German
Declaration of Conformity
P8 - EU Declaration of Conformity Multilanguage
P8AP - EU Declaration of Conformity Multilanguage
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