Weighing technology in Asia: Speed and quality are paramount

Asia is booming - the same applies to the weighing technology market.
But not every company has been able to profit from this dynamic market development. Only those who can adapt to local requirements can penetrate the hard Asian competitive environment. And there are other success factors: Speed, innovation and quality. HBM has long been successful in the Asian markets with its own production sites and sales offices.

These figures impress: HBM achieves double-figure growth every year for its weighing technology business in Asia. Even in the crisis year 2009, while all other markets saw minus figures, China still recorded some growth which then accelerated at record speeds at the end of the crisis. No doubt about it: Asia, and above all China, is also the number one growth engine in the world of weighing technology.

HBM has already been present in the Asian market since the 80's - and has had its own factory in Suzhou, 100 km west of Shanghai, since 1997. This factory supplies the whole world with high quality and cost-effective load cells, and has also developed into the nucleus for the sales success of the company in China and Asia.

Chinese toll station with HBM weighing technology

HBM load cells are very popular in the "classic applications" of weighing machine construction. The ring-torsion load cell RTN is, for example, used in the truck scales at the large toll stations on the Chinese motorways. And ever more new branches are using HBM load cells, such as the food industry: Oils, beverages, milk, shampoo, soya and oyster sauces are examples of liquids that can be precisely and reliably dispensed for Asian consumers thanks to HBM weighing technology.

HBM products are also used worldwide in medical engineering equipment.
In Taiwan, the SP4 single-point load cell is integrated in hospital beds to inform the medical personnel at all times about the weight of the patient. The PW6C load cell is used in the medical laboratory of Singapore to measure foreign constituents in human blood. And the PW10A load cell is used in the baby scales of numerous hospitals.

Innovations are accepted more rapidly in Asia

Where does this great success of HBM load cells originate within the Asian market? It is due to the consistent commitment to innovation and quality, as Timo Ren, international product manager at HBM China, explains: "The Asian market reacts much faster to innovations and new trends than other regions of the world." Ren also explained that only companies that deliver quality and highly sophisticated products can survive in the market.

There are numerous examples. Scale manufacturers in Asia are already using the modern load cells with the high accuracy class C6, which permit the development numerous novel weighing technology applications. Digitalization is also widely advanced here: Half of all digital C16i type load cells produced by HBM are sold in Asia. And the novel aseptic load cell PW27, which sets the highest of hygienic standards, has already met with broad acceptance by Asian customers.

In addition to the globally marketed standard products, the engineers at HBM China have also developed some special products for the Asian market - for example, the SP5 load cell for multi-head combination weighers and the S-shaped S40A load cell which is mainly used in cement mixing plants.

Best in Class: No compromises in quality

HBM has focused on absolute quality of its products for decades now.
Numerous competitors in the extremely competitive Asian markets instead attempt to offer less expensive prices with corresponding losses in accuracy, durability and processing. A strategy that does not come into question for HBM.
Weighing technology production in China or Germany - the quality guidelines at HBM are identical. Customers can therefore rely on top quality worldwide.

"We will continue to consistently focus on our "best in class" strategy. Irrespective of where the load cell is produced, be it in Germany or China: We can assure our customers that the product quality is consistently high and always fully complies with standards applied worldwide - at prices that are absolutely in line with the market."

Timo Ren, Product Manager, HBM China

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