digiCLIP - Take your production into the digital age

Do you want to measure force, weight, torque and pressure in the most modern way? digiCLIP propels your production into the digital age. digiCLIP is the modern modular amplifier system for industrial environments. It facilitates faster and more reliable measurement, and it’s easily installed, too.

digiCLIP helps slash downtimes when it comes to solving measurement tasks! It supports TEDS, the electronic datasheet in the transducer. digiCLIP recognizes transducers equipped with TEDS memory chips. Complex configuration and parameter assignment are no longer required. digiCLIP can even be set up by untrained staff.

digiCLIP adapts to your automation system, because digiCLIP uses standard PROFIBUS DP-V1, CANbus or DeviceNet interfaces. All device settings can be made via PC using free digiCLIP software. Exchanging or retrofitting amplifiers without turning off the system is not a problem – thanks to "Plug and Measure" and "HotSwapping".

Key features

  • 600 Hz carrier frequency
  • TEDS sensor recognition
  • Digital inputs (only DF 31)
  • Digital outputs (only DF 31)
  • Interfaces: CANopen, Profibus-DP, DeviceNet

See a live presentation about the advantages of digiCLIP from Michael Guckes, Product and Application Manager at HBM Test and Measurement. The interview was made on the SPS/IPC/DRIVES trade show in 2011.

Device Type Manager (DTM)

Efficient system asset management: Device Type Manager (DTM) enables central access to all digiCLIP amplifiers

The new, free Device Type Manager (DTM) provides central access to all digiCLIP amplifiers of your production system.

The DTM offers parameterization, control, and diagnostics functions. In addition, it provides a graphical user interface for intuitive handling. Installing the DTM is as easy as installing a printer driver on your PC. It can be integrated into any application using the standard FDT interface (Field Device Tool), for example, a monitoring or control system, engineering or asset management.

digiCLIP DTM Certification

The advantages of a system featuring an FDT interface and DTM are obvious: From a central point in the system, the service engineer has access to all digiCLIP amplifiers by as little as one double-click and immediately gets a status report. Then he can start a detailed diagnosis and, on occurrence of an error, eliminate it without having to access the instrument directly.

Even if you are already using digiCLIP amplifiers, you can easily upgrade with the DTM. Click on software/firmware downloads in the right column to get the free download.


In addition to the industrial amplifiers HBM provides the appropriate ePLAN macros. They allow easy and error-free integration of the instruments in the project planning of the automation environment.

ePLAN Electric P8 is an engineering tool for modern CAE software supported by a database and facilitates consistent project planning, documentation and administration of automation systems. ePLAN macros enable users to easily integrate the process controllers in their project planning. Parts data, drawings and pin assignments are available in ePLAN Electric P8 immediately after import of the macros.

The free macros are available on the documentation CD included in the process controllers' scope of supply and can also be downloaded here.

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