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The formula for success in chemical applications: HBM measurement technology

HBM offers precise, rugged and explosion proof test and measurement equipment for chemical applications. Batching, dosing, weighing, filling ... HBM ensures that the chemistry is right!

Weighing technology in particular is found everywhere in the chemical industry. Be it applications in production or the filling of explosive substances - chemicals place special demands on the test and measurement equipment used.

HBM offers the right test and measurement solutions:

  • Precise test and measurement equipment offering D1 to C6 accuracy classes
  • Explosion proof weighing technology
  • Rugged stainless steel load cells

Typical applications include:

Chemical production

In the chemical industry, substances are decomposed and combined, natural raw materials are converted and synthetic materials produced. These production processes place different demands on the test and measurement equipment used, depending on the product.

In the chemical production of coatings, plastics or powders, for example, it is essential to follow a specific recipe. The crucial factor is to ensure precise weighing of individual substances in the corresponding dosing and mixing systems. The weight of containers for storage and provisioning of large amounts of chemical substances needs to be reliably determined as well.

HBM measurement technology has been tried and tested for over 60 years and offers certified precision and a wide range of legal-for-trade and explosion proof weighing technology products. HBM single point load cells offer excellent metrological properties for applications in the chemical industry.

Solutions for scale manufacturers

Be it large containers or individual components in dosing systems - scales are essential to weighing in chemical production. It is indispensable that they function correctly.

HBM provides the right load cells for scale manufacturers: Be it bending beam load cells or analog or digital load cells - our load cells are made from stainless steel and are therefore extremely rugged. Furthermore, we offer weighing technology solutions for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Explosion proof weighing technology from HBM

Do you use explosive substances in your production? HBM weighing technology is suitable for use in different ATEX zones. It permits easy weighing, dosing and filling of explosive substances. Here you find an overview of our explosion proof weighing technology products:

  • Load cells

    • RSCC load cell
    • PW15AH single point load cell offering IP69K protection
    • Legal-for-trade RTN load cell
    • Legal-for-trade HLC load cell
    • Legal-for-trade Z6 load cell
    • C16A - legal-for-trade load cell for high maximum capacities
Load Cells [kg/lbf]
HBM is the Global Market Leader in Load Cells and Sensors for Load Measurement. Thousands of customers worldwide rely on HBM Load Cells.
Weighing Terminals / Indicators
Achieve weighing excellence with HBM's weight indicators, weighing terminals, and weighing electronics. We offer complete weighing solutions.
Signal Conditioners
HBM offers a wide range of Signal Conditioners and Amplifiers for Production Control and Manufacturing (e.g. press-fitting, clinching and riveting).

HBM weighing technology for the chemical industry

  • Precise
  • Explosion proof
  • Rugged

Load cells for different accuracy classes

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