MGAII/ME Measuring System: Industrial Measurement Electronics for Plug-In Cards in the 19-Inch Format

The MGAII/ME measuring system provides different ME plug-in cards that allow the acquisition of various process-related measurement quantities like force, pressure, weight, or torque, which are ideal for centralized data processing in a control cabinet. Whether your application involves fast force measurement in punching and pressing applications or weighing tasks that require good long-term stability, MGAII/ME is based on measurement technology that is ideally suited to allow for versatile use in production and assembly lines. The measuring system’s robust design and excellent electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) ensure dependable results, up to accuracy class 0.1, at a very high resolution due to its dual-range measurement technology.

Accuracy class: 0.1
Housing: 19-Inch plug-in card format
Voltage output: ±10 V
Measuring inputs: for common signals in production, test stands, and weighing technology

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Precise measurement

  • Accurate measurement attributed to the 0.1 accuracy class
  • Precise measurement results with a high resolution due to dual-range measurement technology
  • Amplifier for strain gauge full bridges as well as inductive half and full bridges
  • Carrier-frequency and DC measuring amplifier versions are available
  • All ME plug-in cards have a ±10 V analog Output

Measurement in industrial environments, with high resolution due to dual-range measurement technology



High reliability

  • Explosion proof as a result of Zener barriers
  • Immune to interference due to high EMC, even in harsh industrial environments
  • A ±20 mA, 4-20 mA current output version is optionally available



Precise results, due to extremely long-term stable and low-noise Technology



Proven convenience

  • Easy load simulation because of the calibration signal
  • Convenient adjustment owing to adjustment potentiometers on the front and easy-to-read LED display
  • Easy mounting in 19-inch rack
  • Universal deployment in test stands, production lines, presses, and weighing technology applications



Proven worldwide and easy to use, providing plug-in cards in the 19-inch industry Standard

ME10, DC

DC measuring amplifier for high-frequency measurements, for the connection of strain-gauge transducers. The ME10 offers 10 kHz maximum measurement frequency alongside a very short settling time and is thus ideally suited for dynamic measurements such as fast force responses in punching machines or press-fit processes. HBM accuracy class 0.1%

ME30, 600 CF

Measuring amplifier for the use of strain-gauge transducers in low-frequency measurements. The good stability of zero facilitates its use in static and quasi-static measurements, for instance, weighing and batching processes as well as force and pressure measurements in industrial test benches. HBM accuracy class 0.1%

ME50, 4.8 kHz CF

Measuring amplifier for transducers with inductive half bridges, for instance, the displacement transducers from HBM’s range of products. The ME50 can be used in static and dynamic measurements such as long-term monitoring tasks in civil engineering. HBM accuracy class 0.1%

ME50 S6, 4.8 kHz CF

Measuring amplifier for strain-gauge transducers. The ME50 S6 combined with the ME50 (inductive half bridges) facilitates, for instance, force-displacement measurements. HBM accuracy class 0.1%


Output stage module (optional) to be plugged into the connection board (± 20mA, 4 to 20mA)


Standard connection board for the connection of transducers through a Sub-D connector


19-inch rack frame for 12 channels

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Declaration of Conformity

This project is a macro-project and contains CAE data for Eplan Electric P8.

Date: 03/2012  |  Version: 1.00  |  Size: 19 MB


ME250 S6, 4.8 kHz CF

Two-channel measuring amplifier for strain-gauge transducers. The ME250 S6 allows high channel counts to be implemented such as force and pressure measurements in presses or assembly lines. HBM accuracy class 0.1%

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