Clean foods and medicines are essential when health is in question. Production is becoming increasingly automated; a trend that is also the case for plant cleaning. It becomes increasingly important for the design of the plant’s equipment to meet hygiene requirements. The EHEDG* certificate confirms compliance with hygienic design specifications. Appropriately certified components can be used in the food and pharmaceutical industries and enable plant engineers to meet the EU machine directive for hygiene.

Consumers like their fruit juices and smoothies freshly prepared without preservatives but it is precisely these foods that are particularly susceptible to bacteria and microorganisms. Careful cleaning of the plants removes deposits that would otherwise be ideal feeding grounds for microorganisms and sources of cross-contamination. Strict hygiene during production and filling is therefore obligatory.

It all comes down to design

The trend in the food and pharmaceutical industries is towards automated cleaning processes. It must be possible to clean plant elements and components easily and thoroughly while installed, making hygienic design essential. Corners, edges, niches and gaps are ideal spots for deposits.

For this reason, hygienic designs are based on round, smooth surfaces and flow-favorable geometries. But the material also influences hygiene. Corrosion and contamination must not be given a chance which translates into electro-polished, hardened stainless steel and clean laser-welded seams.

Load cells for aseptic production

Modern weighing technology can be easily included in aseptic or hygienic production processes with the aseptic PW25 and PW27 load cells. Shorter cleaning times and reduced downtime increases production efficiency.

PW27 - Hygienic design certified to EHEDG*

The first load cell in the world with an EHEDG certificate was successfully installed in multihead combination weighers in the food industry. Thanks to a design without edges or gaps, it can be cleaned without problems. Even the load cell cable, doped with silver nano-particles and therefore effectively anti-bacterial, offers extensive hygienic safety. The integrated overload protection is protected against dirt and makes the PW27 almost indestructible. In addition, the hermetically sealed load cell has IP68/ IP69 degree of protection.


  • EHEDG-certified
  • Designed to hygienic aspects
  • Aseptic design for top safety
  • Integrated, encapsulated overload stop
  • Suitable for humid, aggressive environments
  • Stainless steel housing with IP68/IP69K protection
  • Maximum capacity 10 kg and 20 kg
  • Easy to clean

PW25 - A clean business

Easy to clean – the same applies to the PW25 load cell. Just like the PW27, the PW25 also has a design without edges or gaps. Similar in design, but without the EHEDG certificate, the PW25 is a guarantee for clean weighing. The load cell is insensitive to extremely humid and aggressive ambient conditions. In addition, dimensions are compatible to the PW15 Footprint industry standard so that existing plants can be upgraded without any difficulty.


  • Integrated, encapsulated overload stop
  • Installation-compatible to industry standard
    SP-4 load cell
  • Stainless steel housing with IP68/IP69K
  • Maximum capacity 10 kg and 20 kg
  • Easy to clean

*= European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group

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