HBM Measurement Engineering: your measurement project in reliable hands

Benefit from more than 60 years of measurement technology experience in your measurement projects: with HBM Measurement Engineering services.

HBM Measurement Engineering - what it means in concrete terms: We take on full responsibility for conducting and evaluating your measurement tasks - from design through sensor application to data acquisition and documentation. You receive a comprehensive report of all measurement results.

Are you lacking in resources or know-how to perform your own measurements of mechanical variables such as strain, stress, force or torque on parts, products or structures? Then HBM Measurement Engineering is the perfect solution for you. Our Measurement Engineering services are tailored to your individual requirements along the entire measurement chain and throughout the entire measurement project:

Design and planning

HBM Measurement Engineering supports you in the planning and design of the measurement task. Dialog with the user forms the basis of customized measurement results. Is the measurement task clearly outlined? The next step is to draft a solution. You will benefit from more than 60 years of measurement engineering experience!


  • Specification and evaluation of measurement designs and tasks
  • Conducting feasibility studies and analyses
  • Selection of measurement technologies and methods
  • Implementation of new guidelines and regulations
  • Advice on representing measurement results
  • Project specification (creation of specification)


  • Determination of measuring points (FEM calculations performed if necessary)
  • Determination of Material characteristics (material analysis)
  • Test setup, trial tests to validate feasibility
  • Selection of suitable materials and equipment
  • Design of telemetry systems
  • Collaborative definition of measurement setup, data management, reporting (preparation of the performance specification)

Project management:

  • Scheduling and process planning, human resources planning
  • Coordination of construction site and other companies
  • Procurement/shipping of materials
  • Providing measuring equipment and tools

Installation of measuring system

Our specialists will install sensors on site routinely and efficiently and start making measurements. Making sure all the parts are in order saves valuable time!

  • Installation of transducers based on specific ambient conditions
  • Verification of the installation
  • Documentation of test results
  • Startup of measuring equipment that has been provided
  • Adjustment of measurement parameters

Performing the measurement

The critical point of the entire process is conducting the measurement. You can rely on HBM Measurement Engineering for that. Your advantage: You can obtain reliable measurement results without your own equipment, with no specialist personnel and cost effectively.

  • Static/dynamic measurements up to 100 MHz
  • Self-contained long-duration measurements with data logger
  • Event-based measurement data acquisition (triggered)
  • LAN/WLAN transmission, server solutions
  • Real-time measurements
  • Residual stress measurements based on the hole drilling method

Data analysis and documentation

Correct interpretation of the recorded measurement values is the key to success! We help you represent your measurement results clearly and concisely to facilitate optimum data analysis.

  • Measurement data can be provided in numerous electronic formats
  • Event and result-based selection of data
  • Determination of
    • Principal normal strains
    • Principal normal stresses
    • Comparative stresses
    • Forces, bending and torques
    • Residual stress
  • Complete preparation of documentation and the test report
  • Test, signal and frequency evaluations
  • Statistic analyses
  • Service life forecasts based on measurement data
  • Comparison of virtual and measured data
  • Periodic measurement series
  • Individual reports

We do everything to ensure meaningful measurement results. No task is too difficult, no destination too far for the measurement technology experts of HBM. Measurements can be performed under offshore conditions or in the lab, on large structures or on the smallest components. HBM Measurement Engineering gives you results you can trust. Why not contact us now?

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HBM Measurement Engineering

  • Design and planning
  • Installation of measuring system
  • Performing the measurement
  • Data analysis
  • Documentation
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