The BU18 build-up system was developed to measure or calibrate large compressive forces as a smaller and less expensive alternative to existing direct loading machines. The system comprises three precision force transducers mounted in parallel onto which the force is distributed.

The BU18 build-up system is based on HBM’s C18 compressive force transducer because of its compact dimensions and high accuracy; the C18 can attain an accuracy of Class 00 per ISO 376. A junction box for parallel connection of the output signals of the three transducers is included in the scope of supply.Normally direct loading calibration machines are used for calibrating force transducers in national institutes and industrial calibration laboratories. With very large forces in the range of meganewtons (MN) these machines are extremely big and expensive.An alternative to direct loading machines is calibration by comparison using reference force transducers. However, the reference transducers also need to be calibrated and direct loading machines of adequate size for this task are not available.

HBM has supplied the first BU18 build-up system to the Romanian National Force Laboratory where it is used as a National Standard. The system has a maximum capacity of 3 MN.

Build-up systems with different maximum capacities are available on request.

Key Features

  • Measurement of compressive forces
  • Nominal (rated) force 3 MN
  • Based on 3 force transducers (1 MN), for subsequent measurements on calibration machines with lower nominal (rated) forces
  • Complete with all force application parts
  • Compact, weight and space−saving design
  • Class 00 to ISO 376 (in combination with DKD calibration certificate)

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