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HBM Build-Up Systems: Capacities from 60 kN to 15 MN

The series BU18 transfer devices comprise a three-ring torsion force, with transducers mounted parallelly.  The three individual sensors can be electrically connected in parallel. Alternatively, they can also be connected to one amplifier input each.

The modular design of the design offers users significant practical advantages for system assembly: users can install individual component parts with lower weight instead of having to handle a single, very heavy sensor. Moreover, the three individual sensors can be used separately for other calibration tasks.

HBM build-up systems have been used in many research projects with the objective of deducing the behavior of systems connected in parallel with the help of the results obtained in individual calibration. In this context, the system’s outstanding repeatability has proven especially valuable. The following are some of the highlights of the build-up systems:

  • HBM accuracy class: 0.03
  • Accuracy class as per ISO376: 00
  • Capacities: 3 MN (other, higher capacities available on request)

Proven technology that meets the highest demands

  • The best force transducers from a current series that are in production are selected for use in an HBM build-up system.
  • A summing unit is included in the scope of the delivery. You can connect the sensors in parallel or use them individually in your calibration tasks.
  • The systems are used at many National Metrology Institutes (NMI) as transfer devices. Researchers also prefer resorting to these devices on account of the high accuracy and quality they deliver, which are important requirements in research.

Outstanding repeatability and flexible use.

Facilitates work

  • Easy mounting due to modular design: These devices offer an assembly of individual component parts with considerably lower weight, instead of a single very heavy transfer device.
  • A marking system installed in the devices ensures repeated system assembly in a uniform manner (The systems are helpful in achieving excellent repeatability).
  • Combination of the BU18 with the DMP41 precision measuring instrument and HBM’s competence in calibration result in an exceptionally powerful reference measuring chain.

Easy start-up of all components across the entire measurement chain

In line with your requirements

  • The BU18/3MN standard product comprises of three transfer devices with 1 MN.
  • Custom systems with capacities ranging from 60 kN to 10 MN have already been implemented in these devices.
  • We will ensure, through extensive and detailed discussions, that our system is designed to meet all your requirements.

Get a customized transfer device that has already been adapted to the conditions prevailing in your laboratory and machine.

BU18 Product Literature

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Data Sheets
BU18 - Data Sheet English
BU18 - Datenblatt German
BU18 - Prospetto dati Italian
Mounting Instructions
BU18 - Mounting instructions English, German
Declaration of Conformity
1-KAB, K-KAB (cable) - EU Declaration of Conformity Multilanguage