C18 Force Sensor: Dependable, Cost-Effective, and Precise C18 Force Sensor: Dependable, Cost-Effective, and Precise | HBM

C18 Reference Force Transducer: Transfer Devices for Large Compressive Forces

The C18 reference force transducer measures compressive force based on the ring torsion principle and is, therefore, particularly insensitive to temperature gradients, lateral force and bending moment. As far as capacity is concerned, the transducer is small and light-weight, and therefore, easy to transport and install in different locations. Its hermetically sealed stainless steel design, with an IP68 degree of protection, ensures a robust performance and long-term stability. 

The C18 series covers capacities ranging from 10 kN to as high as 5 MN. Besides, it meets the requirements of a transfer device for traceability of a force measurement machine to a standard. The transducer is also well-suited for use as a working sensor in calibration machines or as a working standard in companies that need to ensure dependable traceability of measuring equipment. The C18 is used in many national metrology institutes and is also well-suited to mobile applications as well as in the extremely precise determination of the center of gravity, for example, of an aircraft.

A C18 transducer is always calibrated, and comes complete with a mounting base and thrust piece. No additional load application parts are required. Overall, the C18 provides users with an extremely cost-effective solution.

  • Accuracy class (ISO376): 0.5
  • HBM accuracy class: 0.02
  • Capacity: 10 kN to 5 MN

Meets ISO376 Requirements

  • Meets the requirements of ISO376 Class 0.5 in terms of measurement accuracy
  • Insensitive to bending moment; low influence of temperature gradients due to ring torsion principle
  • Wide measuring range for calibration tasks, ranging from 2 kN to 5 MN
  • Calibrated force application parts, complete with mounting base and thrust piece

Precise measurement results with large capacities, excellent price/performance ratio

Tested Robustness

  • Extremely robust, IP68 degree of protection – unusual for this accuracy class. Test conditions: 100 hours, 3 m water column
  • HBM’s commitment: Every transducer is tested in HBM’s in-house EMC laboratory, and has a CE conformity marking
  • Robust cable with kink protection
  • Stainless steel design
  • Available for delivery as a 5 MN sensor

High reliability, even in harsh environments, due to its extremely robust design

Easy Mobile Use

  • Small diameter, compact design and light weight; based on ring torsion principle (relative to capacity)
  • User-friendly: For large capacities, the mounting base and the sensor can be separately installed
  • Laser markings allow for easy alignment of mounting base and force transducer; optimal repeatability is guaranteed.
  • Plug assembly on request
  • Highly attractive: C18 combined with the QuantumX MX430B and QuantumX MX238B high-precision measuring amplifiers – calibrated as a measurement chain on request

Suitable for mobile use, light-weight and compact dimensions

Extensive Range of Accessories

C18 are supplied complete with all load application parts.

Plug assembly available on request. 


C18 Product Literature

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Data Sheets
C18 - Data Sheet English
C18 - Datenblatt German
C18 - Prospetto dati Italian
Mounting Instructions
C18 - Mounting instructions German, English
C18 Istruzioni per il montaggio Italian
Declaration of Conformity
1-KAB, K-KAB (cable) - EU Declaration of Conformity Multilanguage
C18 - EU Declaration of Conformity Multilanguage
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