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Z30A Reference Force Transducer: For Calibration and Precise Measurements Up To 10 kN

The Z30A reference force transducer measures small tensile and compressive forces with extremely high precision. This is why Z30A is frequently used where high precision is needed; as a reference transducer in calibration machines, for transfer measurements in calibration machines and as a working standard. 

The Z30A reference transducer exceeds the requirements of the highest accuracy class (00) specified in ISO 376. The electrical connection is made via connectors at the housing and the base plate. Depending on the installation situation, force shunts caused by the measurement cable can be prevented. All sensors up to 1 kN capacity have an overload stop and are protected in case of faulty operations.

  • Accuracy class (ISO 376): 00
  • HBM accuracy class: 0.02
  • Capacities: from 50 N to 10 kN

High Accuracy

  • Exceeds the requirements of accuracy class 00 as per the ISO 376 for tensile and compressive force
  • Provides excellent compensation for bending movements and lateral force
  • Extremely low temperature error
  • Can also be used as a force standard for ensuring the traceability of force transducers during operation

Top-level comparison measurements and highly accurate referencing of calibration machines to meet a standard. Is highly mobile, and requires minimal warm-up time.

High Quality

  • Calibrated in HBM’s ISO 17025-accredited laboratory
  • Individually tested for electromagnetic compatibility in HBM’s EMC laboratory

Traceability and tested quality for use as a transfer standard. Dependable measurement results even in test environments with high levels of electromagnetic interference.


  • Integrated TEDS
  • ISO 376-compliant mounting accessories for tensile and compressive force measurement; knuckle eyes available
  • Plug-in connection cables offering various mounting possibilities and practical cable configurations
  • Optional: Professional shipping case for two Z30A reference transducers and accessories for optimum protection
  • Overload protection for sensors up to 1000 N

Highly suitable for practical application: Easy integration and high mobility due to variable connection possibilities and a custom shipping case.

Extensive Range of Accessories

  • Tensile force application per ISO 376
  • Thrust pieces per ISO 376
  • Knuckle eyes
  • Various connection cables in different, practical lengths and with plugs (soldered onto the cable on request) for connecting to the amplifier

Please check data sheet for further information. 

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