Z30A force transducer for maximum precision in lower measuring ranges: More accurate, more imaginative, more flexible... the Z30A precision force transducer for the measuring ranges 0...50N to 0...10kN.

A typical HBM highend device. TEDS, the Transducer Electronic Data Sheet, is integrated in the Z30A, which allows the transducer data to be read directly into the amplifier. Class 00 according to ISO 376 is with DKD calibration certificate guaranteed. The Z30A series supplements our Z4 A precision force transducers in the lower measuring ranges. You now have available a whole series of high-precision transducers from 0 - 50 N to 0 - 500 kN.

Top quality: The Z30A offers top solutions for precision measurements in the quality lab, government and industrial calibration labs and for the testing of material testing machines.

The variable plug mounting for reducing the effects of force shunts, is unique. For the optimum cable outlet, choose between a radially or axially mounted plug. During tensile force measurements, this minimizes the effect of bending moment resulting from the weight of the cable.

DKD calibration complying with ISO 376 in-house at HBM, ensures that the technical data for the transducer goes beyond the specifications required for class 00. You can obtain all the requisite mounting accessories for tensile and compressive force measurements, such as knuckle eyes, load buttons and thrust pieces, from HBM. For calibration purposes, we recommend combining the Z30A transdcuer with HBM's ML38B high-precision amplifier.

TEDS, the integrated electronic datasheet in the Z30A transducer, spares you the manual setup of measurement parameters in the amplifier. Achieve a greater measurement certainty with TEDS. It also helps you to eliminate mistakes that can occur with manual setup.

Max. operating force [%]120-150
Nominal temp. range [°C]+10 ... +40
Protection systemIP50
Materialaluminum and stainless steel
Direction of forcetensile / compressive
Nominal force50N, 100N, 200N, 500N, 1kN, 2kN, 5kN, 10kN
Nominal sensitivity [mV/V]2

Key Features

  • Force transducers of maximum accuracy as calibration standard
  • Classification according to class 00 with DKD calibration certificate per ISO 376
  • Force standard and calibration certificate from HBM
  • High reproducibility
  • TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet)

Z30A Product Literature

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Data Sheets
Mounting Instructions
German, English
EU Declaration of Conformity

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