Super-Fast Curing Time for Strain Gauge Installation

With its extremely fast curing time, fast-acting superglue Z70 is the ideal choice for many experimental tests involving strain gauges, and also in sensor manufacturing (whenever the accuracy requirements are not too high).

Z70: Cold Curing Superglue for Experimental Tests, and for Sensors Without High Accuracy Requirements

With its extremely fast curing time of just a minute at 20°C, superglue Z70 is popularly used in many experimental test tasks for strain gauge installation. This cyanoacrylate adhesive is also used in sensor manufacturing, although usually only if high accuracy is not required. 

Z70 cures only in very thin adhesive coatings. Since the moisture absorbed from the ambient air serves as a catalyst, the relative humidity should be about 40–70 percent. Curing of cyanoacrylates, and thus Z70, additionally depends on the adhesive surface’s chemical condition.

If the application conditions are unfavorable (e.g. low relative humidity, acidically-reacting surfaces, low temperatures), additionally using the accelerator BCY01 is recommended. A drop of this accelerator can be applied to the adhesive surface. After about a minute, the Z70 superglue can be applied.

  • Cold curing superglue: Cures very quickly under thumb pressure (0.5 minutes at 30°C/86°F, 1 minute at 20°C/68°F, 10 minutes at 5°C/41°F).

Available in two versions:

  • 1-Z70: 10 m³, packed in re-sealable plastic bottles (already includes the required strain gauge installation accessories required for strain gauge installation: fluoropolymer release film, Teflon tape, dosing tip, operating manual, and safety data sheets). Enough for more than 250 strain gauges*

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  • 1-BCY01: accelerator for superglue Z70; 30ml in re-sealable bottle

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*The specified quantities are approximate recommended values only, as adhesive consumption also partly depends on the size of the strain gauges being used.


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