PW 27: Load Cell for the Food Industry

The food industry has to keep pace with ever increasing requirements. Consumers demand the highest quality in their food - and so companies need to comply with many legal requirements and must continually make improvements to be able to be successful in the market. It is essential to guarantee the highest standards in production, particularly in the organic sector. Media coverage of food scandals brings deficiencies to public attention again and again. With the PW27 aseptic load cell, companies producing and filling food products are well prepared to face future challenges. The PW27 is the first load cell in this maximum capacity range that has been certified by the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG). It is suited for filling, packaging and weighing food.

Developed for food

  • Highest level of EHEDG certification
  • OIML certified accuracy (C3MR)
  • “Clean in Place“ (CiP)
  • IP68/IP69K
  • Maximum capacities ranging from 0 to 10 kg and 0 to 20 kg

Meets all requirements for food processing and filling; maximum capacity ranges ideal for common package sizes


  • Dirt-repellent design without gaps or edges
  • Patented overload protection – dirt and germ free at all times
  • 100% stainless steel, suited for use in the food industry
  • Special surface quality
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Silver ion-doped, antibacterial cable

Easy and residue-free cleaning: Liquids roll right off


  • High chemical resistance through use of robust materials
  • Suitable for humid, aggressive environments
  • Withstands 10-fold overload
  • Tried and tested, even in extremely harsh environments

Durable and robust, even under difficult conditions

Two versions available

Two versions of the aseptic load cell are available, the standard version (PW27) and a version fitted with a plug for variable  cable connection (PW27P). This allows for quick replacement.

Connection to the digital world

The PAD transducer electronics enables fast and easy digital acquisition and visualization of the measured values provided by the PW27 load cell. Due to its compact stainless steel enclosure and rounded shape, the PAD, too, is ideally protected from liquids and adverse ambient conditions.

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