PW4M Single Point Load Cell: Precise Weighing of Small Masses up to 3 kg

The small PW4M single point load cell is made of aluminum and features class C3 accuracy for weighing loads up to 3 kg. It is based on proven strain-gauge technology and is thus very precise. The load cells are available in different maximum capacity ranges, and all come with a test certificate and OIML R60 certificate. The PW4M is ideal for batching, filling, and checkweighing of small packages, for instance, in the pharmaceutical or cosmetics as well as in the food and beverage industries. The single point load cell provides extremely precise measurement results, while offering an excellent price to performance ratio.

  • Accuracy Class: C3 according to OIML R60
  • Minimum verification interval: up to 0.05 g
  • Maximum capacities: 0.3 kg up to 3 kg

High accuracy

  • Weighing system with C3 accuracy class up to 3,000 divisions
  • Very small temperature coefficient of zero up to 0.0140%/10K, corresponding to a ratio of minimum verification interval Y = 10,000 
  • Off-center load compensation

Certified, precise weighing due to high-quality strain-gauge load cell

Excellent protection

  • IP65 degree of protection
  • Shielded connector plug
  • CE-compliant immunity to electromagnetic interference
  • Temperature compensation
  • Nominal (rated) temperature range from -10 to +40 °C

Precise measurement results, also in the case of electromagnetic fields and temperature effects

Plug & Weigh™

  • Fast integration through 1.5-m-long connection cable with edge connector
  • Compact design, ideal for platform sizes up to 200 x 200 mm
  • Available with four maximum capacities for weighing extremely small masses (0.3 kg, 0.5 kg, 2 kg, 3 kg)

Fast startup, due to convenient plug connection

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