RTN/M: Weigh Module for RTN Load Cells 1 t - 33 t RTN/M: Weigh Module for RTN Load Cells 1 t - 33 t | HBM

The RTN weighing module is designed to be easy to mount reducing assembly time and costs. The module provides all the functions needed for process measurement applications and gravimetric level measurement and is equipped with a Rubber-metal Bearing or a Pendulum Bearing.

There are two different variations for introducing the load depending on the application: rubber-metal bearings [RTN / M2(L)A] are available for balancing horizontal movements and pendulum bearings [RTN / M2(L)B] are intended for attaining maximum accuracy with very small loads.
All RTN weighing modules are delivered with a load cell dummy because they are often used in harsh industrial environments that can damage the extremely precise transducer. This allows users to use the dummy cell for positioning and substitute it with the actual weighing module when the system is operational.
The basic configuration of the RTN includes an integrated anti-lift-off device and integrated horizontal stops. An optional stay rod for the weighing system is also available from HBM. All HBM modules have been designed for legal-for-trade applications and comply with WELMEC 2.4 requirements (European Cooperation in legal Metrology).

Key Features

  • Compact design
  • Equipped with rubber-metal bearing or pendulum bearing 
  • Integrated anti-liftoff device
  • Integrated horizontal stops
  • Dummy function
  • Material: stainless steel up to 22 t
  • With stay rod (also available without stay rod)

CAD Drawings and CAD Models

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