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The reference book on experimental stress analysis using strain gauges

Get a complete overview of the topic of "An Introduction to Stress Analysis and Transducer Design using Strain Gauges - in Karl Hofmann's 250-page reference book.

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What is Experimental Stress Analysis?

Determining and identifying stress in material: This is done using experimental stress analysis. Strain gauges are the principal measuring instrument used in this context. 

Here you will find a short introduction to experimental stress analysis

Our tip: HBM Academy seminars

HBM Academy seminars and workshops are available where you will learn how to install strain gauges - step by step, by our highly-skilled trainers.

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Two how-to guides on strain gauges available

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  • Practical Hints for the Installation of Strain Gauges
  • Applying the Wheatstone Bridge Circuit

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10 Tips To Make Your Strain Gauge Installations Go Quickly & Effectively

When you need to measure strain on an object, you are often doing so in a short timeframe. If the strain gauge is improperly installed, you can receive false measurements, which may cause you to spend even more time correcting these mistakes.

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