With HBM load cell to European-wide certification

The British company Tascol Shore Engineering Ltd offers a wide range of bagging and weighing systems with belt and continuous weighing technology, as well as dosing technology and micro-dosing.

By integrating HBM's Z6 load cell in their automatic gravimetric weighing system, Tascol Shore obtained certifications to OIMLR61. With the high accuracy of the load cell, this system meets the requirements of the European standards for legal-for-trade bagging scales and can therefore be sold across Europe.

In the systems that Tascol Shore offers for automatic gravimetric determination of net weight, the product to be weighed is filled into a container placed on three Z6 load cells. Once the set weight is reached, the discharge valve on the container is opened via a controller and the bag is filled.

Z6 advantage: More efficiency

Because of the Z6 load cell accuracy, the permissible weight in the container can be increased to 12.5 kg in the model with 1 kg to 10kg maximum capacity. This means an end customer can increase productivity by 50% when filling larger bags with weights of 25 kg, as they now only need two container dumps.

Previously this operation took three dumps from the hopper or 50% longer. The bagging system achieves between 6 and 8 working steps per minute.

Utmost flexibility…

The bagging and weighing system from Tascol Shore permits various configurations, i.e. any gravimetricbased filling systems, screw dosing units or dosing belts can be used. Even systems with multiple inputs can be connected, when using intermediate control elements that ensure that only one supply at a time is used.

… for various contents

The Tascol Shore weighing systems are suitable for a variety of materials that can be filled into bags, including fertilizers, additives, foodstuffs and feed. The
systems are available in stainless steel and are equipped with automatic or manual positioning systems for the bags.

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