PWSE Single Point Load Cell: Up to 750 kg Capacity and C3 Accuracy Class

The PWSE single point load cell weighs heavy loads ranging from 100 to 750 kg with C3 accuracy class. It is ideally suited for use in large platforms and conveyor scales. Owing to its very compact design, integration of the PWSE into various weighing systems is easy and takes up little space. The single point load cell is particularly robust, due to its stainless steel measuring body, the robust silicone rubber enclosure, and its IP67 degree of protection. Thus, the PWSE is ideal for use in harsh conditions such as the weighing of building materials or in the chemical industry.

Due to its special measuring body geometry and solid mounting with standard threaded bores, it ensures high measurement accuracy with platform sizes of up to 800 x 800 mm. Its excellent price/performance ratio makes the PWSE attractive for a wide range of applications. Proven for decades, it is being developed continually.

  • Accuracy class: C3MR (Multi Range)
  • Maximum capacities: 100 kg to 750 kg
  • Degree of protection: IP67

High accuracy

  • Precise weighing up to C3 accuracy class
  • High ratio of minimum verification interval of up to 15,000
  • Outstanding signal stability, due to 6-wire configuration (cables can be cut to length individually)
  • Extremely effective resistance to humidity, due to the PEEK strain-gauge technology with resistant carrier material
  • High electromagnetic compatibility.

Precise results, also with permanent humidity and electromagnetic interference

Universal application

  • Legal-for-trade weighing component with test certificate up to 3,000 d
  • Easy integration due to compact design
  • Five maximum capacities available (100 kg, 200 kg, 300 kg, 500 kg, and 750 kg)
  • Suitable for platform sizes of up to 800 x 800 mm, due to ideal measuring body geometry.

Versatile use, compact footprint, and broad measuring range.

Robust design

  • Resistant housing made of stainless steel, silicone rubber enclosure
  • Resistant to humidity and dirt, IP67 degree of protection
  • Solid mounting with M10 (or M12) thread.

Optimally suited to be used in industrial environments.

The right weighing electronics from HBM

At HBM, you also receive matching weighing terminals and weighing displays for the A / D conversion of your signals.

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Product Literature

Title / DescriptionLanguage
Data Sheets
Simplified Chinese
Mounting Instructions
French, German, English
French, German, English

A35, B35, BBS, BLC, BLF, C2, C3H2, C3H3, C6A, C16, DEBA, H35, HLC, JRT, LCB, MBB, PLC, PLX, PW12, PW16, PW2F-2, PW2FC3, PW2G, PW6, PW10, PW15, PW15AH, PW22, PWA, PWS, RSC, RTN, S35, SB2, SB3, SBF, SP4, SS4, THC, TLC, U1A, U2A, U2B, Z6FD1, Z6FC3

Declaration of Conformity
Explosion Protection: Declaration of Conformity

Ex IIG for zone 1 and Ex IID for zone 21


Ex IIG for zone 2 and Ex IID for zone 22

Explosion Protection: Safety Instructions

PW4, PW10, PW12, PW15, PW16,

PW22, PWS, SP4, Z7 (except 2t)

French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese

C16, C2, U2, C2A, HLC, PW15AH, PW25, PW27, PW29, RSC, RTN, Z6, Z6R, Z7, PW10, PW12, PW15, PW16, PW22, PWS, SP4, Z16

Italian, Portuguese, French, Spanish, German, English

C16, C2, U2, C2A, HLC, PW15AH, PW25, PW27, PW29, RSC, RTN, Z6, Z7, PW10, PW12, PW15, PW16, PW22, PWS, SP4

English, German, Russian

PW10, PW12, PW15, PW16, PW22,

PWS, SP4, Z7 (except 2t)

Russian, English, German

C16, HLC, PW12, PW16, PW2, PW6, PW10, PW15, PW16, PWS, RSC, RTN, SP4, Z6F.


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